To Become Like Little Children

This afternoon my friend Carol led my fourth-grade religious ed class through the Stations of the Cross. Teaching this class this year has been a revelation, and while I look forward to the summer break, I will miss these kids. They continue to teach me.

They have surprised me in so many ways: Boys who didn’t seem to give a hang in October now reading along attentively with Carol. Look at my pal C at left! Not to mention the other C in the Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox jersey.

Girls who wanted only to blend in with the woodwork, meek, seemingly afraid or unwilling to step forward, now front and center with their interest. That’s my friend E to the left of the column, looking so intently at the 11th Station. Beautiful!

Children have a deep, indelible wish to know God. I can’t wait for my next class in the fall. I can’t wait to start learning again.

  • Maria

    "Children have a deep, indelible wish to know God". Indeed they do, Webster. It is written in their hearts.He made us for love. You are such a wonderful example to me of what it means to be a good and faithful Catholic. You inspire me to do better.

  • Michelle

    It was a three-year old girl who helped me better understand the Eucharist. I was a her live-in nanny and would talk to her about God, etc, especially around Easter and Christmas. They were Episcopalian, though not actively. Anyway, one day shortly after Easter we were walking outside and she randomly said "Blood goes into your blood and makes new blood." And how simply God used her to explain to me the transformative power of the Eucharist.A little later on that walk she asks "Is God everywhere?" "Yes, He is," I tell her. She closes her eyes, lifts her hand over her head and says, "I feel Him!" :)

  • Carrie Sue

    Aren't children AMAZING at teaching us about God and about ourselves as we stand before God? I love teaching middle schoolers the faith. They are masters at the art of welcoming the truth."Faith like a child" was exactly what was on my mind yesterday…