Baseball (Music for Mondays)

A few days ago, Webster posted on the imperfect call heard ’round the world. Baseball has been a big part of my life, especially after I became a dad, with two boys who play the game. Softball is pretty big too, as my daughter plays that game (and my alma mater, UCLA,  is in the College Softball World Series championship game, Go Bruins!).

There is a lot of baseball on my, and my oldest son’s plate this week as he has a camp, hitting lessons, games, and finally try-outs for the high school team.  All of that on the weekdays, and of course, more baseball this weekend too.  So when thinking of music for this Monday, I have baseball on the brain.

Baseball gives me chills sometimes.  This scene from The Natural always does.

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Brought to you by the guy who wrote and sang such hits as Short People  and I Love L.A., Randy Newman did the score for The Natural.

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Anyone not remember this speech from Field of Dreams?
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And the theme? Composed, co-orchestrated, conducted, and produced by James Horner.

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A baseball music post would not be complete without John Fogerty’s Centerfield. Check out that baseball bat shaped guitar. Nice!

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Nor would it be complete without Wild Thing covered by the band X. Made famous from the comedy movies Major League and Major League 2.

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Take me out to the ball game!

  • Allison

    We're huge baseball people here too. Other baseball movies we love: The Rookie, (recommended for kids) and Bull Durham (not recommended for kids)

  • Sandy

    I knew Fogerty would be there! The other baseball movie that I love is "For the Love of the Game."

  • Frank

    The Rookie is a great family movie :)

  • James

    Love the Fogerty! Go RED SOX!

  • Athos

    Hi Frank – A little off-topic (music), but The Natural I can truly say was a stepping stone toward Mother Church for me, as was Field of Dreams, though I wouldn't have known either of them to be when first viewing them.Roy Hobbs is a figure of great grief, poor judgment, and worn-downness, IMO. He clings to baseball because his father told him he had "a gift" – charism – "but that isn't enough." (We cooperate with Grace; salvation isn't one-way.) He doesn't have any guarantees, he just keeps plugging through a long, nasty "dark night of the soul." When he gets his break, he doesn't succumb to the glory and riches card that the "Judge" tries to blackmail him into; his personal reputation isn't as important as "playing the game."Field of Dreams again has a figure in need of redemption, but on the whole a less poignant tale, IMO. What it corroborated for me was the "thinness" of nature and supernature, the "communion of saints," and – like Roy Hobbs, but a little less credibly – the importance of vocation: "Call". Whereas Roy HAS lost it all and trudged back, Ray Kinsella is in great peril of losing the farm, literally. (It's a lot less lonely for Ray than for Roy when you've got Amy Madigan (wife) and little Gaby Hoffman (daughter) staunchly in your corner!Thansk for this post – time to rewatch them both. Cheers

  • Frank

    Athos: Excellent comment and still on point because technically, this wasn't a standard music post. Not with the two non-musical videos that I included. The Natural is my all time favorite with Field of Dreams a close second. I always like it when Roy's Dad says "but it's not enough." And it's tissue time whenever Doc Graham crosses the gravel border to save Ray's chocking daughter.@Sandy: I haven't seen that movie and liked the clip you posted on our FB site. Vin Scully calling the play-by-play, makes me homesick for my Dodgers!