Matt Maher (Music for Mondays)

Does anyone remember Webster’s little secret? Well, how about Christian Contemporary music written and performed by a Catholic? No need to keep that a secret, right? But heck, I’m probably the last Catholic to ever hear of Matt Maher or his music.

Now, I first heard one of his songs on the Message, which I play whenever I’m driving my wife’s car on taxi duty.  A quick search on the internet later and I learned that he is a Catholic, which really wouldn’t matter if he couldn’t carry a tune. But from the selections below you will hear that he can do that quite handily.

Now, there is no need for me to re-write Maher’s website for him in order to introduce him to you.  Besides, I don’t know enough about him to write much anyway. You can read all about him yourself here. But before you go there, have a listen to the following tunes I was able to cobble together from the videos available on YouTube. Many of these include the lyrics to the songs, so I’ll keep my comments to a minimum.

As far as I can tell, there are a lot of good songs that Maher has put out. He has released 5 albums in his career so far and he does a lot of touring.  He has been out and about since 2002, but I never got the memo. In case you didn’t either, I hope you will enjoy these as much as I do.

The artists introduction to Hold Us Together.

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Hold Us Together

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Great Things

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Alive Again. When writing the songs for this album, Maher determined that “the over-arching theme that emerged seemed to be centering on what it means to be alive. The whole notion that God became a human being should change the way we look at what it means to be human, and ultimately the way it leads us is back to the cross.”

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Your Grace Is Enough

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As It Is In Heaven

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Empty and Beautiful

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Lay It Down

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Head on over to i-Tunes and pick up one of his albums (I just did!).  And then check his website to see if he may be coming to a concert hall near you.

  • Allison

    Frank: Thank you! I listed to a contemporary Christian radio station in the car and love his tunes the very most. Didn't know his name and now I do. Blessings! I just might buy a CD…

  • Lisa Julia Photography

    He has a fan page on FB too…AWESOME guy…as is the rest of his band!

  • Carrie Sue

    Thanks for featuring one of my all time favorite artists! His earlier music, prior to a major label contract, is fantastic as well. Worth checking out online.Also, to add to the 'Catholic in the Contemporary Christian Music Scene'… Be sure to check out Audrey Assad when her debut album is released soon. Beautiful, beautiful lyrics and voice.

  • Frank

    @ Carrie Sue: Will do!

  • Mary P.

    Frank (and everyone else!) This is new– Matt is starting to post on his blog of the Sunday Readings. The first went up today. This guy is so deep. That's one reason I love his music, the lyrics are so packed. If you have time, give it a look over!

  • Frank

    That is good Mary, I just took a look!

  • Maria

    I love this guy. My favorite is Litany of the Saints.

  • Matthew Fabello

    we're from a catholic community from the southern philippines…as Young Adults servants,matt's music is really a big help. our annual Kairo's Camp ( Youth Camp ) joined by the youth of partner's in mission is fast approaching and we are really excited to play some of matt's song! You keep on inspiring us to do youth work thru you music!

  • Anonymous

    I´m really sad because Matt i´m not sure if Matt is Catholic or Protestant, because if is protestant i will be very disappointed.

  • Frank

    Cheer up, he's a Catholic Christian.

  • Anonymous

    why would it be sad if he is a protestant as long as he loves Jesus and brings the gospel to people and helps Christians worship?

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely….the sign over the door doesn't matter….as long as he follows Jesus.

  • Jeremy

    It doesn't matter if you're Catholic or not? C'mon now, you know that can't be correct. "As long as he follows Jesus." Through the Apostles, Jesus told us to "be Catholic." We should do our best to follow that.