Elvis Presley Sings “The Miracle of the Rosary” et al.



I missed commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the passing of the King of Rock and Roll. I was led to a startling discovery about someone known as the “Chinese Chesterton” on the same weekend that marked the passing of Elvis Presley (August 16, 1977). My humble apologies, because I love you Elvis Presley, and especially your gospel music.

Elvis, see, could sing any song well. Like, for example, Do the ClamAnd despite his fame, and fortune, he never forgot his love for the Lord. He was never ashamed to sing His praises. And as you will see in the first selection below, he had no problem singing Our Lady’s praises either. A post of that video by a friend on Facebook was my wake-up call for this belated appreciation.

Was Elvis a Catholic? I don’t think so. But just like he sent a letter to President Nixon, volunteering his services as a Federal Agent, maybe he sent a letter to the Pope at the same time? Only the Vatican archivists know for sure. Regardless, let me get out of Mr. Presley’s way, because these songs need no introductions, and let you enjoy his gospel side.

Elvis, thanks for singing the Good News. Requiescat in Pace.

Miracle of the Rosary.

YouTube Preview Image

Oh Happy Day.

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The Wonder of You.

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He Is My Everything.

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Where No One Stands Alone

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Take My Hand, Precious Lord.

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How Great Thou Art

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  • Sandy

    There was a wonderful special on PBS a few years ago about Elvis' gospel years. It helped revive an interest in Elvis for me. Thanks for this!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01819831282677092730 Frank

    I think I remember that. He would do a four hour show, grab a bite to eat, and sing with the crew for about 4 hours more, day in, day out.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06195528409761980551 Anne

    So glad that you posted this! The Miracle of the Rosary is wonderful! I get a kick out of the picture of him all sweaty with his shirt opened wide-it really goes with the prayer! :)Nobody can sing like Elvis!

  • Anonymous

    Well, here I sit with tears streaming down my face………. Oh Elvis your voice is haunting! I think evey poignant memory I have ever had Elvis was in there somewhere. It has been a while since I listen to Elvis. He has a way of making my heart get so full it is always too much. Today we are taking my daddy off life support. I will be leaving in a while to spend my last few minutes with him on this earth and somehow I just felt I needed to hear Elvis sing a little Peace in the Valley and Amazing Grace. Thanks Elvis………………

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01819831282677092730 Frank

    I offer my prayers for you and your father. Lord, hear our prayers.

  • John son of John

    Yep, knew about this for a long time.

    Ignatius press has at least 30 sacred songs available by him.