For Thoughts Like This on a Sunday

Humanity is one in spite of the national boundaries and underneath the differences of color. The differences between races are skin-deep, but the unity of mankind lies in the innermost heart of hearts. — John C.H. Wu, Beyond East and West

  • Allison

    A young man who is not Catholic attended our parish softball game.He remarked that he was moved by how people of all cultures and ages in the parish were acting as one. His experience in another church is quite different – the races keep apart. Perhaps because of our belief in the Eucharist we Catholics find nothing remarkable about all cultures and ages being unified.

  • sophie331

    Hi Frank! Thank you for these wonderful posts on John Wu. I'd like to recommend another book written by John Wu "Chinese Humanism and Christian Spirituality". It is composed of the essays by John Wu and editted by his student and godson Paul Sih. A wonderful essay about St. Therese "The science of love", is also included in that book.

  • Frank

    @sophie331: sigh…another out of print classic!