Because I Never Saw This Coming

Last Thanksgiving, let’s see…yes that was on November 26, 2009,— I received an e-mail from Webster Bull asking me if I would consider sharing my conversion story with the readers of this blog. I had been pointed towards YIMCatholic from either Patrick McNamara’s blog, or Deacon Greg Kandra’s blog (I don’t really remember which one), and I enjoyed what I had found here. 

I was a new(ish) Catholic myself and I had started poking around in the blog-o-sphere looking for kindred spirits. You know, guys like me who had been Protestants once and who had become Catholics. I knew there were a few of us around though, because I had found Francis Beckwith’s story in the Washington Post, see, when

I was considering the unheard of idea (to me anyway) of converting to Catholicism. And I knew that Anthony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the UK, was converting to Catholicism too in the same year I was. And as it turns out, that is when Webster had joined the Church as well.

As Webster reported, I had e-mailed him saying that I enjoyed his blog and that if ever I could help him out, I would be glad to do so. I didn’t think anything would come of it, really.  Sometimes my comments weren’t even published ( the nerve!), but I had sent him a few things I thought he would find of interest and that was about all I figured would result from my e-mailing him. And then on Thanksgiving Day, he asked me to share my story. 

That first 2BFrank post hit the blog on November 28, 2009 and thanks to the grace of God, I’ve been here ever since.

I never really thought I would be, you know. Writing my conversion story wasn’t my idea of a good time. It never, ever occurred to me to start my own blog, for example, and if Webster wouldn’t have asked, I would not be here now.

I had no idea that in one year, Webster would no longer be here blogging away with me. On other fronts, I had no idea that Allison would be here. Nor had it ever occurred to me that one day (it could happen) I might be the only person still writing here at all.

The fact of the matter is that I don’t know why I was called to join YIMCatholic as Webster’s first partner. Aside from term papers and essays in college, I had never written a word for publication in my life. But called I was, and that calling is what keeps me here sharing my experiences, as well as what I have found about the Catholic Faith that I think you may appreciate, or enjoy, or find comfort in.

So to all of you, and to Webster and Allison too, I say thanks for having me, and for taking a few minutes out of your day to stop by and visit here.

And I want to thank my wife, with whom I shared Webster’s initial request and who has steadfastly supported my efforts here. I pray that I am able to continue serving the Lord in a manner that I believe He finds favor with.

I also pray that you may find your visits here to be, as St. Anthony the Great would say, profitable.

“For often (Anthony) would ask questions, and desired to listen to those who were present, and if any one said anything that was useful he confessed that he was profited.”

Because, although I never saw this coming, blogging here has been a gift to me. A gift that I don’t believe I can ever repay. Pax Christi

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  • pennyyak

    A good day to remember. I remember it – you writing about Pascal (and telling myself, "You should know Pascal, Penny, you had a liberal arts eduction!"). I learned.For Webster to have stopped blogging, he has a good many fairly recent posts. I seem to have missed the whole story behind this.That's usual.Keep running the good race, Frank.Penny

  • Terry Fenwick

    I love you Frank Weathers! I love your writing and your enthusiasm and your searching always for more and more Truth. This was one of the best of all for me to read. I love the new Catholics. We have a realm that is just ours – we know how exciting it is – we keep wondering what took us so long and why GOD wanted us anyway!Publish this one every year – on this date. It is somewhat of a paper trail for others who are following. I know this – I will share this with others who are not Catholic – yet – but I know will be one day. I always tell my friends who love the Lord and who love His Word – they will have to come as there is no other way to go when you search for Truth. Thanks, Frank! My thanks to Julienne, your beautiful bride who prayed you home!

  • Frank

    Thanks you two.

  • Moses

    You write very well, Mr Weathers. I hope you can continue on and hopefully to get one or two more regular guest writers to share the load.Cheers.

  • Frank

    Moses, Terima kasih!