Because My Pope says “Read the Bible!”

I can remember the days when I just knew that Catholics were clueless about the Bible. My wife was, for example. Of course, that was before I bumped into Blaise Pascal, and Thomas à Kempis, St. Francis de Sales, et al.

But those guys are all high-powered super Catholics, you may be saying to yourself. Well my Pope just published Verbum Domini, and a lot of converts like me are turning cartwheels over it. What follows are a few short paragraphs that will give you an idea why there is cause to celebrate.

Because if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: we are a Bible-believing Church!

72. Encountering the word of God in sacred Scripture

If it is true that the liturgy is the privileged place for the proclamation, hearing and celebration of the word of God, it is likewise the case that this encounter must be prepared in the hearts of the faithful and then deepened and assimilated, above all by them. The Christian life is essentially marked by an encounter with Jesus Christ, who calls us to follow him. For this reason, the Synod of Bishops frequently spoke of the importance of pastoral care in the Christian communities as the proper setting where a personal and communal journey based on the word of God can occur and truly serve as the basis for our spiritual life. With the Synod Fathers I express my heartfelt hope for the flowering of “a new season of greater love for sacred Scripture on the part of every member of the People of God, so that their prayerful and faithfilled reading of the Bible will, with time, deepen their personal relationship with

Throughout the history of the Church, numerous saints have spoken of the need for knowledge of Scripture in order to grow in love for Christ. This is evident particularly in the Fathers of the Church. Saint Jerome, in his great love for the word of God, often wondered: “How could one live without the knowledge of Scripture, by which we come to know Christ himself, who is the life of believers?” He knew well that the Bible is the means “by which God speaks daily to believers.” His advice to the Roman matron Leta about raising her daughter was this: “Be sure that she studies a passage of Scripture each day…Prayer should follow reading, and reading follow prayer…so that in the place of jewellery and silk, she may love the divine books.”

Jerome’s counsel to the priest Nepotian can also be applied to us: “Read the divine Scriptures frequently; indeed, the sacred book should never be out of your hands. Learn there what you must teach.” Let us follow the example of this great saint who devoted his life to the study of the Bible and who gave the Church its Latin translation, the Vulgate, as well as the example of all those saints who made an encounter with Christ the center of their spiritual lives. Let us renew our efforts to understand deeply the word which God has given to his Church: thus we can aim for that “high standard of ordinary Christian living” proposed by Pope John Paul II at the beginning of the third Christian millennium, which finds constant nourishment in attentively hearing the word of God.

Read the whole document here.

  • Anonymous

    Frank,It is about time that Catholics embraced the Bible. Cradle Catholics were not exposed to bible studies, and growing up, I thought it was strange that others could quote Scripture and RC's had so little exposure… especially with the Old Testament. As a convert you have an advantage of understanding more about God's words than the rest of us. A pope encouraging people to read a bible is almost shocking, but it is about time. Perhaps it is also time for Christianity to reunite and become what it was at the beginning. Angel

  • presentepravoce

    BravoBelíssimoOs Católicos estão a redescobrir o tesouro que sempre possuiram, mas que o mantinham guardado dentro do cofre trancado sob sete chaves, mas para que serve o alimento ?Para ficar quardado na geladeira ?Ou para servir de refeição diaria e manter a vida humana ?A Palavra de Deus é o alimento do filho de Deus, que possamos realmente compreender esta verdade e jamais deixarmos de nos alimentar desta palavra viva.Paz de Cristo para você.Sizenando / BrasilTranslationBravoBeautifulCatholics are rediscovering the treasure which has always possessed, but that kept stored inside the locked safe under lock and key, but how is the food?To be stored even in the refrigerator?Or to serve as a daily meal and sustain human life?The Word of God is the food of the son of God, we can really understand this truth and never fail to feed us this term alive.Peace of Christ to you.Sizenando / Brazil

  • Frank

    presentepravoce, Thanks for your comment.Actually, the treasure was never locked up, but has always been available to Catholics. Daily readings, daily Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, and the Bible, have always been there. For some reason many Catholics just self-selected themselves away from reading and studying the Bible. Our Pope is saying it is time for the rank and file to take up their swords (the Bible) and resume marching with the saints.