Meet the Beatles! (Music for Mondays)

I’m not even going to try and squeeze all of the good out of the Beatles in this post. It simply can’t be done. It’s not even remotely possible. Sure, maybe Rolling Stone magazine (or these guys) could come up with the definitive Beatles play list, but why would you believe it? I mean, on what authority?

I’m just glad the Vatican gave them the big thumbs up sign! So forget all about picking the “best Beatles songs of all time” and let’s just enjoy a selection of some of my favorites here. To top it off, I’ll even include a few of my own thoughts, that granted, are completely, 100% guaranteed, private interpretations of their lyrics.

What’s that? I can’t interpret their lyrics, you say? And why not? The Apple Records Magisterium doesn’t exist. And even if it did, it collapsed when the Beatles divorced, broke up, split, and basically went their separate ways. As such, I can make their lyrics mean anything I want them to. Sure, it’s bad form to ignore the intent of the artists, especially when several of them are still alive to tell you what they were actually saying. But I’ve got three words for you on that front: Let It Be. Hey, that sort of rhymes with “heresy” doesn’t it?

So hold on to your hats and get ready to meet the Beatles!

Help! Live, back when live meant “for real.” These lyrics ring true for me and for my need for Our Lord and His Church. I used to be a believer in “sola” this and “sola” that. But now? Well it’s Advent and I’m singing this song until Christmas.

YouTube Preview Image

Let It Be.Just when you thought it was safe to enter the water, they up and sing a song about Mother Mary. Sheesh! With a little help again from Billy Preston on keyboards.

YouTube Preview Image

Lady Madonna. Whaat?! A second one?

YouTube Preview Image

All Together Now. From the end of the movie Yellow Submarine. Sing along (it’s pretty easy to remember the lyrics).

YouTube Preview Image

See? Once again, we haven’t even scratched the surface. One good thing though: most of these songs are short. I’ll see you next week for more MfM.

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  • Athos

    I once heard Robert Shaw, the amazing arranger and conductor, comment on the Beatles and G. F. Handel. Shaw said Handel's composing "The Messiah" over a fortnight would be the Beatles composing all their greatest hits over a two-week period. How true, when you think of all the "hits" in The Messiah! Cheers

  • clawjack

    They Have Been An Inspiration Since I First Heard Them in 1964. All Through the Seminary They Were Threaded Through the Curriculum. Ever Since They Have Been Grounding and Wings.

  • Moses

    For whatever his faults and flaws, John Lennon was alright. He was as human as anyone of us can be. Thanks to YT, I get to enjoy the Beatles minus the hysteria of the epoch ;-)

  • Frank

    @Athos, and don't get me started on St. Romanus the Melodist. ;)@clawjack, Whaat!? Sounds like a fascinating story there. Care to expand on it?@Moses, indeed!