To Dedicate this Song to the Memory of the Martyrs of Baghdad

I remember listening to America’s Top Forty with Casey Kasum while I was growing up, do you? While I was fooling around at You Tube preparing for the MfM music post, I replayed the beautiful Hail Mary prayer that is in Arabic that I posted on Friday. I soon realized that there is a ton of Christian music in Arabic posted over there.

So like the people who used to call in to Casey (who is of Lebanese Druze family heritage), and to Wolfman Jack (and other disc-jockeys too), I would like to dedicate this song to my brothers and sisters at Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad Iraq.

Peace Be Upon You Mary. This is in Arabic, though I’ve translated the title (Assalamou Alayki Ya Maryam) into English. I don’t kid myself that I understand Arabic fluently, but I know what the first line means and this sounds beautiful nonetheless.

After listening, click on the title here and you will be transported to You Tube where video after video of other Christian hymns and songs in Arabic can be found.

Yes, as Webster once wrote, the Holy Spirit is definitely on-line (and so is the Body of Christ).

YouTube Preview Image

And I’ll dedicate this one too (let’s pretend it’s “Two for Tuesday”).

Pax Christi.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Allison

    Beautiful. Thanks, Frank! It was awesome to hear my whole parish this morning, praying for the Catholics of Baghdad. "we carry each other."

  • Sandy

    Thanks for this. Every time I feel sorrow over religious groups fighting amongst themselves, I think of "One." And, yes, I always imagine the Blessed Mother trying to love everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Marvelous Frank.. Our parish has been praying for those martyered in Iraq. It is in prayer that we are brought together.Pax Christi.Mujer Latina

  • Frank

    @Sandy: it's the Silver Bullet of songs.@ML: So glad to hear form you Bones! It's been like forever and a day…

  • priest’s wife

    Thanks for shining a light on this tragedy

  • Anonymous

    thank you from Baghdad

  • Anonymous

    Let us not forget to prayer for all the Christians in the Middle East. Iraqi Christians have suffered much since the war started. We need to open our hearts to them in prayer.

  • fr jim

    so important to pray for them as one day (soon?) they will be praying for us here in america when priests are killed and the faithful are targeted by violence for speaking truth!