To Send Letters to the Christians of Baghdad

This morning, Maria Teresa Landi, friend of a friend, came up with an extraordinary  idea: send letters of encouragement to the Christians of Baghdad, who are suffering horrible persecution and killings. They are the Church’s modern-day martyrs.

By day’s end, the Nuncio at the United Nations was offering his diplomatic pouch (direct mail). He proposed to have all letters and messages sent to him by Tuesday night in a package and he will send the package to the Nunciature in Iraq on Wednesday morning.

Please address your emails to the families to His Beatitude Emmanuel Delli, Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church in Baghdad at He will print out the emails and put them in the pouch.

Are there not angels among us? Tere, who is active in the Communion and Liberation movement, is asking that her idea be distributed as widely as possible. Here are some excerpts from her beautiful email:

I kept thinking at their suffering, at their mysterious participation in the cross of Christ, and what this means for me and for the history of Iraq, the Middle East and the entire world. I thought to offer my work for them, to do it very seriously as my way to be present to them. And to pray for them, to ask the pastor of my Church to say a Mass for them, that they could be sustained in this difficult time and not feel alone in their struggle. That they could recognize Christ in these challenging circumstances.

Suddenly, I had an idea and this is why I am writing to you.

In addition to praying for them, why don’t we all write letters to them, many, many letters as soon as possible, also from our kids, to tell them that we are with them, that even if we are far away, we are One in Christ, we pray for them, and we thank them for their presence in that precious land and in our lives? We can witness to them the miracles we see in our lives, the path we are following, our certainty in the presence of Christ in any circumstance, so they could be sustained in their faith.

It is a small gesture, like a drop in the ocean, but Christ can use it to make great things, because, as He said, when two or three are gathered in His name, He is in their midst.

UPDATE: From our friend Elizabeth Scalia, Out of Iraq: The Gospel Message Writ Large.

UPDATE II: Thoughts of St. Cyprian on Martyrdom.

Update III: A Dedication (or two).

Update IV: To Send Supplies to Iraqi Christians.

  • Connie Bernard

    Oh Allison! Thank you for sharing this with me! I want to bring this to the attention of my parish, so we can all participate. ~Connie

  • Allison

    Connie: You are welcome. Our CCD students are going to write letters this weekend. My pastor thinks this is a wonderful idea – and it is!

  • Sue Sawaged

    This is a brilliant idea! I heard about this from a friend of mine on Facebook. I am a Christian from the Arab country of Jordan and feel for these suffering people. I can't imagine what they are going through and hope through the compelling love and grace of God, they find comfort. Thank you for the opportunity to post my comment and thank you for coming up with this idea to band together..

  • Terry Fenwick

    Thank you, Allison, for this post. Now, we all need to see what to write. I see this is being posted on FB, too, this morning. Thank you.

  • dodo

    We all share this horrible and terrible persecution Ipray JESUS CHRIST to have pity MAy GOD bless all christians in IRAQ

  • Anonymous

    They are persecuting Christ…all Christians are called to help, to pray to do what is necessary to build up the Body of Christ and protect it!!!!Lord please have mercy on all of us…please cast evil to the foot of your Cross…no more, please no more pain for these people.

  • Frank

    I have considered something else very grave under the sun. There was a small town with few inhabitants. A king set out to attack it, laid siege to it and built great siege-works around it. But a poverty-stricken wise man was found, who by his wisdom saved the town. No one however, remembered the poor man. So I said, "Better wisdom than heroism", but the wisdom of the poor is despised and his words are not heeded.-Ecclesiastes 9:13-16

  • Anonymous

    I wish I had heard about this earlier as today (Tuesday, November 16, 2010) seems to be the day that all correspondence was to be sent. Will we be able to send correspondence after today and feel confident that it will be forwarded?

  • Frank

    I think you still have time! Send something before 17:00 Eastern (GMT-4)by Tuesday night.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think that a letter can help us WE NEED FOOD AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES We’re dying and you want to send us letters??? we need your prayers please pray for us

  • Anonymous

    We are thinking of all the families. Faraway in Jamaica but the martyrs and their families are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Frank

    @Anon 3:58, prayers are most definitelly headed your way. And if I could, I'd send you a Battalion of Marines too.

  • paulie

    Our Pastor at this past weekend mass has asked us to pray for the Christians in Iraq, and through out the world.

  • Richard

    Just came acroos your blog this morning. Fortunate for I was reading some of the blogs. I had read cardinal Georges letter to President Obama just a few minites ago, sent it out to a younger brother. I was looking at that picture of the three men, in their pain, I was touched from my Guardian Angle George. We diologe all a time. The idea to share with our family in these other Countries is so powerful. We can converse with them right now. We can pray, we can use our influence to contact people which can help them now if we just see the possibilites which are just at our fingertips. Thank You Lord for Your Grace to be able to see you in others. Best regards Richard Flatley

  • Allison

    @Richard: So glad you found us and thanks for sharing your ideas.Blessings,Allison

  • Anonymous

    I will be praying for all my brothers and sisters in Christ for not only justice andpeace but for all of their physical needs.God be with all of them.

  • Anonymous

    Allison, any chance of an update on this? I'd be curious to know what kind of response there was to the appeal for letters. Also, is there any way to send food or supplies to our brethren in need, as Anon. mentions?-Lori

  • Anonymous

    It is the 18th of November, I wish I'd come across this sooner. Will people be able to send letters at a future date ? Is there any way to send food or medicine and be sure that it reaches the Christian community in Iraq ? I've prayed for the persecuted church for decades but as a previous blogger said,we need to be able to send material relief to the suffering. Can anyone advise what channels might be available to accomplish this ? Dale

  • Frank

    I have found a charitable organization dedicated to helping Iraqi Christians called ICIN (Iraqi Christians In Need). It is based in the U.K. and has been helping our pursecuted brethren there since 2007.

  • Little Eddy

    Hi , we have just finished a novena for our Christian brothers in Iraq today on;GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  • Sandy

    Just now I came across this site. I am very aware of the situations of christians in Irak, how the Church continues its suffering. The Pastor of my parish always prays for this horrible situation, as I do on my on. I have noticed the last message was from 2010. What is new, what is happening now after the letters were sent?
    God bless you all!