To Send Supplies to the Christians in Iraq

Sending letters to the Nuncio was a great idea to let our embattled brothers and sisters in Iraq know we care. And with a little help from our friends (like the Anchoress and Father Robert Barron and many other bloggers—thanks!), the letter post  “read ’round the world” was shared by 384 people on Facebook and resulted in 2400+ people reading the post. We’re not sure how many e-mails the Nuncio received, but we will let you know what we find out.

But many asked us about how to send relief in the form of food and supplies. Sending donations that can be turned into food, clothing, and shelter is an idea that many of us would like to put into action now.

Good news! I think I’ve found a few ways that you may be able to help in this manner.  Iraqi Christians In Need, is one such organization based in the United Kingdom. This group was was also mentioned in an article dated a month before the latest attacks about Chaldean Catholic refugees in my home state. From the U.S. based ICIN website, I found this You Tube video with only 57(!) views. Take a look,

YouTube Preview Image

From the ICIN website in the U.K., I found the video below with David Frost and Father Nezir Seeman, the chaplain to the Syriac Catholic Community there.

YouTube Preview Image

Other avenues to help might be through Aid to the Church in Need. They are an organization that has been helping persecuted Christians the world over since 1947. And the Catholic Near Eastern Welfare Association is another possible alternative.

Full disclosure time: I have donated through ICIN, whose US offices are near where I live. But this post is not a solicitation for either one of these three entities. You may contact your local parish  to see what your local diocese may be doing in order to aid the Church in Iraq too. Or look to your own favorite charitable organizations as well.

And please, keep assaulting Heaven with your prayers.

UPDATE:   A letter to President Obama.

  • Moses

    Hello FrankIs this going to be an on-going act for sometimes? I am thinking talking to some friends and people of my Basic Ecclesial Community about doing something similar. I would like to gather more information and equip myself first to present a case.

  • Frank

    Moses, I believe so. ICIN has been in operation since 2007, so they did not just come about as a result of this event. ACN has been around since 1947, helping persecuted Christians the world over. I hope that answers your question.

  • Dan Finaldi

    Hi Frank,Is there anyway that a movement can commence to get persecuted Catholics out of Iraq and into safe havens here. It seems to me that this is an extension of our responsibility as Americans and as Catholics. Political asylum is still a way into this nation.This case is certainly bigger than asylum for a few people. But The American Catholic Church ought to lead in the effort to help our Catholic family in Iraq. Perhaps a letter can be drafted to the newly elected president of the Council of Bishops, Archbishop Dolan asking him for support and guidance. We can all pray, but I like to act and pray.

  • Frank

    @Daniel, You might contact ICIN's US based folks and ask them what is going on. Also, I just updated this post with another video from ICIN USA and an article about Christian Iraqi refugees that mentions your concern. And check with the St. Vincent de Paul Society, or other groups in your diocese, to see what is afoot to help support our brethren in Iraq and elsewhere.

  • Apulchra

    +! Letters also went from Hungarians, I wrote in the name of my small OCDS group. Informations and financial help attempt for Near Eastern Catholics, by this Order: to you,Anna Mária

  • Frank

    @Anna Mária, thanks for the link!