For Your Saturday Night at the Movies: The Sound of Music

Neophyte nun meets naval captain widower with 7 children. “Salzburg Austria in the last golden days of the 1930′s.” Unsure of Maria’s vocation, the Mother Superior of the abbey assigns her to the von Trapp household as a governess.

I held out against seeing this movie for the longest time. Until 2003 as I recall. Now it’s one of my favorites! Me and the kids know all of the tunes and break into song with the von Trapps with reckless abandon! Well, I still do anyway (how embarrassing!).

Beautiful scenery, great music, several love stories, kids that are a handful, Nazi sympathizers, the Anschluss, bosuns whistles, play clothes made from drapery cloth, Maria’s vocation problem is resolved, nuns removing ignition coils. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Check out the trailer!

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A Few of My Favorite Things.

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An apology and The Lonely Goatherd, my favorite!

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  • Athos

    Full agreement, Frank. Ostensibly it has nothing to do with Advent or Christmas, but surreptitiously the values of family, conviction in the face of tyranny, the small (but talented) against the monstrosity of the looming megalith of the state … it has everything to do with Advent and Christmas! Cheers/blessings on this 4 Advent

  • Starla

    Only two days ago I was looking through the sheet music in a charity shop and came across 'The Trapp Family Christmas Song Book'. I bought it and upon leaving the shop was stunned to see it signed by none other than Maria Von Trapp herself.starlaxxx

  • kkollwitz

    The Sound of Music never wears thin…I think saw it for the first time in 1966.Hey here's all the fun stuff about the movie; those of you who simply must read it know you are. An excerpt to whet your appetite:"Kym Karath who played the youngest of the seven Von Trapp children gained a lot of weight eating cream cakes during the six month stint in Europe. For the final scene when Christopher Plummer as the Captain lead the family to their escape through the Alps, the Canadian actor had to carry the heavy child for several hours. After several takes he screamed at Robert Wise to get it right, his back was breaking. Although Plummer would come to appreciate the film in later years, during the shoot he became dispirited and complained constantly. He referred to the picture as The Sound Of Mucus."

  • Frank

    Thanks for your comments guys! I agree with Christian when he says,The Sound of Music never wears thin. And here is a tip, in case you ever need it: to disable the ignition of the bad guys vehicles, you don't need to go to all the trouble of physically removing the ignition coil. Just remove the coil wire (or cut it).Semper Fidelis ;-P