Thanks to My Sisters

Guest Post by Julie Cragon 

One of the greatest gifts God has given me through my parents are my sisters. I hope someday my four girls feel the same way. Whenever I feel overworked, they seem to set me straight. Whenever I feel like I want something more or something that someone else has, they put life back in perspective.

As we walked through a beautiful, new, incredibly well-put-together house of one of our kin, I remarked, “Must be nice! I would just love to have something like this where my kids could spread out and be in totally different parts of the house doing their own things.” My sister said, “No you wouldn’t. What would you do with all this? You’d have to try to keep something this beautiful clean and all these things in the right place and your kids would be lost.” She was right.

What would I do with something huge and gorgeous? Whenever I complain about all the work I have in front of me with the husband, the children, the house, the store, the writing and the travel, one asks, “What would you let go of?” I think I would like to be free to write in my leisure and play golf a couple of times a week. I think I’d like a secretary. “No you wouldn’t. You’d go crazy if you weren’t overwhelmed with life. You’d miss all the mess. You’d miss the constant challenge.” And you know what, they are right.

I think I want to have everything organized and neat and nice and to a point, I do. But when it comes down to brass tacks, I love the “messiness” of my life. I love all that God challenges me to do and to be. I love all the little things that life hands down to me just because it’s life.

Now at the time, I might think I want someone else’s something, but I guess that one of the things sisters are for, to bring me back to reality and to just say, “No you don’t.” No you don’t want what they have. No you don’t want to quit. No you don’t want to do nothing. No you don’t. And, you know, they are right. All I can say most days is ahhhh! Sisters! How fortunate I am to have two!

  • Sandy C.

    Due to many factors, my only sister and I have never been close. A couple of weeks ago, though, I enjoyed the best visit ever with her. I am so thankful for the brief shopping trip we took, time spent over coffee, the dinner and breakfast we enjoyed with our two brothers, and visits with our dying Dad. We even had "the conversation" we've been needing to have for years and it was very healing. I, too, am very thankful for my sister and pray to God for our relationship to continue to grow closer.

  • Julie Cragon

    Thank you for sharing Sandy. May Christ's peace be with you and your family during this Lenten season.

  • Allison

    @Sandy C. and Julie: Like you two, I also came from what today is considered a "large" family. My mom had four babies in five years. While my relations with each sibling is different and some wax and wane, I do know that each has enriched my life. I would not be who I am if it were not for each of them. Even difficult times and circumstances in our childhood give me insights as an adult facing other times and circumstances.Thanks for sharing, ladies!