For Your Lenten Friday Night at the Movies VI

Does anyone remember my friend St. Joseph of Cupertino? Well, I wrote a post about him once and tonight’s movie is all about him. It is called The Reluctant Saint and stars Maximilian Schell as St. Joseph.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve about had my fill of prima donnas lately. If you are like me, this film will hit the sweet spot. I like to think of St. Joseph of Cupertino as “the little saint who could.” No one thought he would amount to anything. Not his mom, not his priest/uncle, and most assuredly not his brothers when he entered the monastery.

But there was something about Joseph that everyone missed.

Everyone missed it except his bishop, and of course, God. Ricardo Montalban plays the part of a cleric who doubts him the most of all. His character goes so far as to conduct the Rite of Exorcism over poor, obedient, Joseph.

I don’t know what became of Montalban’s character, but St. Joseph of Cupertino, who called himself “God’s jackass”, is in heaven now. I hope to join him someday.

Have a look at the trailer and then dial up this movie from Netflix or watch the whole film on your computer via Gloria.tvBut please watch it…you’ll be glad you did!

  • Fran

    Love that saint, love that movie! I agree- it is a tonic for the weary soul!! (Coming out of lurker-dom to comment!)

  • Frank

    "Lurker-dom," LOL! I love watching Ricardo Montalban get hit over the head with Truth. ;)

  • Tito Edwards

    Frank,Your netflix and gloria links don't work.

  • Frank

    Doh! Ok, I fixed the link and the film is available on Netflix. Thanks Tito.

  • Anne

    I have a friend who comes from that same part of Italy where Saint Joseph is venerated. She told me a funny incident, related in some old stories of him, Whereby some individuals and superiors used to rebuke him for not wearing any underwear whilst he was in "flying mode", therefore, naturally, exposing more than they wished to see! Go figure…

  • Mike Leach at Why Stay Catholic?

    I thought I had seen every movie ever made. Thanks for the tip on this one. Love the blog!

  • Frank

    @Mike: Thanks! And I'll be the first to admit that I haven't seen all the movies or read all the books. Like yours for instance (Why Stay Catholic). Then again, as a newbie Catholic, I haven't had to answer that question yet. ;)

  • Becca

    I love that movie. The only complaint I have is that the movie makes it seem like Joseph never wanted to go into the monastery but only went because his Mom forced him to. In real life it was always his dream to go. Other than that, it’s a wonderful film!