Because Catholics Can Dig Science

I enjoy stories like this one about experiments on Einstein’s theories. Gravity Probe- B, launched into space in 2004? You don’t remember that either?

Faith and reason are compatible, see. Thankfully there are rocket-scientists that get the funding to study warping of space and time. Neat! Especially when you consider that the idea to do these types of experiments came about 40 years ago, you know, when computers were still the size of large rooms.

Here’s an excerpt from the BBC story below,

The satellite’s observations show the massive body of the Earth is very subtly warping space and time, and even pulling them around with it.

Scientists were able to see these effects by studying the behaviour of four perfectly engineered spinning balls carried inside the probe.

The results will be published online in the journal Physical Review Letters.

They are significant because they underline once again the genius of the great German-born scientist, but also because they provide more refined tools to understand the physics that drives the cosmos.

On a more human level, the findings represent the culmination of an extraordinary odyssey for the leading lights of the mission, some of whom have dedicated more than five decades to the quest.

These include Francis Everitt, the mission’s principal investigator at Stanford University – a researcher who was there at the inception of the Gravity Probe B (GP-B) idea in the late 1950s.

Like I said earlier. Neat! Read the rest here.

  • Laude Arts and Gifts

    Very Neat! I love learning about all that astro-physicists are discovering. I think some of the theories they are coming up with about the beginnings of the universe(M Theory and others) are a little silly. And they do seem to be going to extremes in their attempts to eliminate God from the equation of creation. However, over all, it's an exciting time to be alive.

  • egosumbarb

    YES!!! Catholics DO dig science!!! In fact, Catholicism + Science = AWESOME in my book. Please check out my blog if you ever get the chance. It's all about my life as a Catholic/Scientist. hope you don't mind the advertising (aka shameless self-promotion).

  • Frank

    Shameless self-promotion? I hadn't noticed. :)

  • Athos

    Hi Frank – I don't visit it often, but my fellow Mass'keteer, Aramis, put this site as one of our Links of Note. When I visit it, it is always intriguing. Cheers!