Mr. John Corapi Goes. I Stay.

Hunter S. Thompson once remarked that, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” This seems like one of those times. Remember my post on what to do while Father John Corapi was on administrative leave? Well that leave has been indefinitely extended. Back in March I wrote,

So, let’s assume the Skipper (Marine slang for Captains/Company Commanders) won’t be back, OK? But we’re still at war. So here is a little list of things to do to fill your time while Fr. John is on hiatus.

The assumption I made then, and that list of tasks I supplied you, hasn’t changed. What has changed is that John Corapi is addressed as “Mister” now. His choice. The medevac chopper? Let’s call it Blackhawk Down. Or is that Black Sheep Dog up? Yawn.

Go hear the announcement over at Deacon Greg’s place. As for me and my house, we won’t be waiting for salvation via Pirate Radio broadcasts from Mr. John Corapi anytime soon. We’ve better things to do. And better speeches to read.

Enjoy this tune about the decision making process by the Clash. Let it play in the background while you check out the rest of the news.

YouTube Preview Image

UPDATES: Deacon Greg on “The Morning After.” And more wise words from Deacon Scott Dodge & Co. What can an “ex-priest” do? Not much. It’s enough to make one sing the blues.

UPDATE II: I get scolded and reply.

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  • thereserita

    Mr Corapi can leave the priesthood but the priesthood cannot leave him due to the little matter of an ontological sign. So he can do or say whatever he wants, when he stands before the Lord, he will still be "father". Should give him pause…

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant way to talk about this ridiculous situation

  • Anonymous

    Your Skipper quote and Video choice is so apt. I love it. SO appropriate for the time.

  • Frank

    Ontological signs of the priesthood? See this article in Zenit from 2008. You learn something new everyday.

  • Michael J. Russell

    Frank, way to cut through all the narcissistic crud, and right to the chase. To me, the whole video thing is a masterpiece of ambiguous, self-serving obfuscation. I'm thinking the kind of big-city-lawyerin' that's behind it cost him a pretty penny.For 8:37, Mr./Dr./Once-Called-Fr. Corapi sets up (and knocks down) a succession of straw men, while striking the pose of the stout-hearted fellow who forgives all those who done him oh-so-wrong, as he rises above it all and bravely soldiers on. Natch. All the while, of course, he's completely in control as he de-frames and re-frames the entire discussion, then slickly transitions to…a pitch for his new personal brand, website, speaking ventures and the inevitable gaggle of (expensive) new books, videos, swag, etc. to follow.

  • Anthony S. Layne

    Sic transit gloria mundi. "Let God be true though every man be false, as it is written, 'That thou mayest be justified in thy words, and prevail when thou art judged'" (Rom 3:4).

  • My Chocolate Heart

    Thanks, Frank. Blessed Mother, pray for all your sons.

  • Nick

    The ordained priesthood comes from the universal priesthood, so whatever Corapi is doing, it gives me pause to reflect on my own sins and see how I can better pray and deepen my life in the Spirit, as per the advice given in the Zenit article posted above.

  • catholic bliss

    As a card carrying member of "The League of Bearded Catholics" it is hard for me to trust any man who colors his graying beard…especially a priest who should be above such things. I'm just saying

  • Frank

    For a really motivating speech, one that embraces the hardships of the Way across the full spectrum, see St. Paul's words the yesterday's readings. They may help us to put this event into proper perspective.

  • Frank

    I'm closing the comments now so I can enjoy my Father's Day weekend. But I will leave you with some final thoughts from Deacon Scott Dodge.Pax Christi

  • Frank
  • Frank