Thoughts on the Vicissitudes of Michael Voris & Co. UPDATED

Actually, I have none. Really. I mean stuff like this happens all the time to me. I’m a father of three children and they are all the time doing stuff that a) I don’t know about; b) I don’t approve of; and c) that I didn’t teach them to do. Guess what? I love them anyway.

Is it scandalous? Only if he lets pride lead him by the nose. Is it embarrassing? You betcha. A dad knows, and a mom does too. I mean, if I had a nickel for every time my kids did something to disappoint me, I’d be a rich man. Of course, I’d be a lonely, Silas Marner, scrooge of a misanthropic man, no doubt. You know, the kind who never wanted children in the first place. But I’d probably think I was well off materially, of course. But spiritually? I’d be a wreck without them in my life.

Nope. You can’t run from the Cross, neither as parents nor as presidents of your own non-profit/for-profit, gig. You have to weather the vicissitudes of life, because ready or not, here they come. I suspect that things will get tightened up in the departments that have been lax, and I’m just as sure that eventually something new will rise up to take their place to harry him. I mean, I know this: it’s non-stop for me.

That’s why the saints teach us to be humble and to pray. It’s also why humility is the virtue that has the most telling effect on those with whom we interact with in our life as Christians. It very much explains why the “pitchfork and torches” or “drawn swords” modus operandi is generally a non-starter in the work of winning souls to Christ.

Deacon Greg Kandra, Elizabeth Scalia , and Mark Shea all have something to say on this news anyway (or will soon). I’ll just go back to trying to figure out what kind of bird this is. Help me out if you can.

UPDATE: The bird has been identified! Thanks Ramona.

UPDATE II:  Mark Shea’s charitable post today.

UPDATE III: From Madrid, Michael Voris responds.

UPDATE IV: What Should Michael Voris learn from this?

  • Anonymous

    I think Voris' voice is a healthy addition to Catholic discourse. RealCatholicTV has exposed a lot hypocrisy, numerous practices that contradict Catholic faith. Many of these stunning revelations come from info posted on the web sites of catholic organizations–information that lies in plain sight! He has ruffled the feathers of some very powerful people and well-funded organizations. So, why is anyone surprised when Voris, his staff, and the web sites of RealCatholicTV and Saint Michael's Media are subjected to these very same types of inquiry (i.e. held to the same standard)? Voris, his staff, and organization will constantly be probed for hypocrisy to ensure they practice what they preach–this is as it should be. Without this type of scrutiny Simon Rafe might never have been called out for dabbling in and propagating dark sexual fantasy under the guise of "harmless" online gaming–Voris must keep his own back yard clean! Still, it is sad and disturbing that most of this probing and scrutiny will continue to come from the duplicitous who care less about fidelity to Christ and more about digging up dirt to silence Voris–a thorn in their side.

  • Frank