Docked at Patheos!

All hands, we have arrived at Patheos a little broken, but unbowed. Heavier than expected weather has knocked away a few spars and we will need to make repairs before heading out to deep water. This will also bring the opportunity to scrap the barnacles from our keel, pump out the bilge, repaint, etc.

In the meantime, I’ll be unpacking my seabag as the crew here helps pull things that were stowed for the voyage up out of the hold and put back to their rightful places. As you can see, Our Lord and King figures prominently in the banner (Carravagio’s Supper at Emmaus) and always shall.  In the good news department,  my collection of books made it through the gale unscathed and can be found in the tool bar below the banner. Joy!

I hope to add a few more things to the bar there, such as the Pandora radio channels and a few other features. The sidebar will look more and more familiar shortly. I hope you’ll forgive the generally chaotic process of squaring away the deck here, as the crew at Patheos brings over the archives of posts and establishes links to the blogs Facebook Page, Networked Blogs, and all the other behind the scenes stuff that keeps the ship running smoothly.

So update your blog rolls, RSS feeds, bookmarks, and all of that techie “New Media” stuff so you’ll miss nary a post. Thanks for your support!

  • Anthony S. Layne

    Blogroll updated to reflect new home port, Cap’n! Hope you find your new berth comfortable, the natives friendly and the Admiralty supportive. Meanwhile, the Marines will secure the ship! Semper Fi!

  • Frank Weathers

    A comment! =)

  • Helen

    Very nice; smooth sailing!

  • Mark Shea

    Is that the Lady Washington? She’s a beautiful ship. Took the kids to see her the weekend after 9/11, just to get my mind into a happier space. Wonderful. She played the role of the Interceptor in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

    • Frank Weathers

      The ship is actually the Rose, which starred as the HMS Surprise in Master and Commander, Far Side of the World. Ain’t she pretty? She’s docked at the Maritime Museum down in San Diego. IMDb has the scoop.

  • Stefanie

    Gosh, Frank — swell Patheos digs! Congrats!

  • Don

    Congrats on a successful move! Like the new look!

    GO ARMY !! (Had to throw that in after seeing the Marines comment. ;) )


  • Moses

    Is there an RSS link for yimcatholic? Can’t find it for now.

    • Frank Weathers

      That’s being unpacked and should be up shortly. Thanks for asking!

  • Ironic Catholic

    Are we christening the good ship YIMCatholic with Champagne soon? I’ll be there!

    Congrats on the move!

    • Frank Weathers

      A rechristening? You bring the champagne, and I’ll pull this thing up on the ways single-handedly. A toast!

      • The Ironic Catholic

        Well, I can only afford the 2 bottles for $5 pink champagne variety. Still work? ;)

        • Frank Weathers

          Bring it!

  • Ricky Jones

    Site looks great. Much cleaner and love the Carvaggio! Keep up the great work!

  • Frank Weathers

    Ricky! Thanks for stopping in. How have you been since you wrote this guest post for YIMCatholic? Sheesh…this seems like 10 years ago! =)