Air America, Downey Jr., Gibson & Friends (Music for Mondays)

SR-71 Blackbird, “Velocitus Incalculus”

Welcome to the first MfM post since moving here to Patheos. See that hurtling piece of machinery above? That’s what the good ship YIMCatholic looked like this week. She’s a Transformer, see? Usually a wind powered, bluff bowed vessel good for 12-15 knots, but sometimes, she goes ballistic like the bird you see above. We’ll get to the reason why later, but first let’s put that picture to some music,

Tom Petty, Running Down the Dream.

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Someone’s personal trailer to “Air America” where Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson first worked together. Music by 2Unlimited.

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Keeping the same theme, I loved that movie, by the way. See the theatrical trailer here. I wish I could have done this just this past Friday when I hit traffic after work. *watch out for some language/ hand signals*

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What was that song? By Seeds, Pushin’ Too Hard. Must see TV! Lipsynched admirably on the NBC show “The Mothers-in-Law.” Check it out,

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Best song from the soundtrack? That’s easy. The Edgar Winter Group and Rick Derringer version of the Dan Hartman hit, Free Ride. Kinda, sorta live.

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This wasn’t on the sound track, but it’s what Downey’s speech was all about. Forgiveness, Don Henley style.

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See you here next week folks. Have a great week!

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