Remember When Wayne & Garth Got Back Stage Passes & Met Alice Cooper?

That’s sort of how I felt after I was Confirmed. The “backstage pass effect”, see, ushered me into the inner sanctum. Once inside, I started getting schooled in surprising ways, much like how Alice Cooper’s knowledge of Milwaukee, and the Algonquin native culture blows away Wayne & Garth. Whoa. And then, after the 15 seconds of an audience I was expecting, I was invited to hang out too? What a feeling! When that happened, that is where all of my preconceived notions about the Church fell away, and left me hitting the floor sort of like the boys here.




Speaking of not being worthy, JC over at Equus Nom Veritas recommended Scott Hahn and your humble blogger in, get this…the same sentence?! That’s like saying “I recommend Gandalf the Grey, and ‘the hobbit extra that appears in Act III, Scene II.'” Thanks JC! But I admit I’m feeling a little like Wayne and Garth in that kind of company.

But that does lead me to a true story. Doc Scott commented on one of my posts once. And it was even one where I talked about hitting my knees too. Check it out. And yes, I felt like Wayne and Garth in that instance too.

Party on!

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