I’ll See Mark Shea’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Moment…

And raise it. Sing it, Remy!

That is truth and genius, all wrapped up in a seven-layer dip of Awesome.

H/T to Blessed is the Kingdom and The Independent Institute.

  • Mark Shea

    I bow to your superior awesomeness.

    • Frank Weathers

      Wait a minute! Where is that sound clip of Darth Vader screaming “Nnnooooooooooohhh!”?

      I’m just a Grasshopper.

  • http://tonylayne.blogspot.com/ Anthony S. Layne

    I must admit the poster is kick-six. But I fail to take comfort in the knowledge that nothing I do will be as awesome as it. Perhaps comforting to the artist …!

    The video is quite timely, pretty amusing — nowhere near as annoying as the original ….

    • Frank Weathers

      Yeah, I think the poster would have been better with just “AWESOME” along the bottom.