The Neat Thing That Happens When Folks Get Excited…

about something that is larger than themselves is, they get really, selflessly, creative. For example, a reader made an Excel Spreadsheet plotting the growth of signatures on the White House petition so far. Seriously, that lands right up there in the “People are Awesome” department, don’t you think?. Then, he took the spreadsheet and made the following graph out of it,

To me, it doesn’t get much cooler than that. Thank you reader, and petition signer, Richard F. “Well done,” and keep up the good work.

Here’s another update from the FoC’s flight deck: 20,350 signatures @ 23:00 on 02/05/2012. Main engines have shut down now, and we’re coasting to the finish. Enjoy the Super Bowl ya’ll!

  • Bev Malona

    Good job Frank. You are tenacious! I have reposted many of your pieces. Thank you.
    PS Janet Smith also reposted a few-thought you’d like to know.

    Bev Malona

    • Frank Weathers

      Thanks for your help and support. I admit I am ignorant about Janet, as I am about many of the over 20,000+ people who have supported this petition. I am grateful to them all for putting up with the wonky White House website for nothing else except to say “enough!” to this Administration, and to stand with Mother Church for the freedom of our consciences. God bless us, everyone.

      • Bev Malona

        Janet is a professor formerly Notre Dame,U of Dallas and is now teaching at Sacred Heart Seminary in MI. She is famous for her work in Humanae Vitae and debating dissenting Catholic Theologians like Curran and won! She is known all over the Catholic world-google her you won’t regret it.

        • Frank Weathers

          See? Joe Six-Pack, USMC did not know that. ;)

  • Ruth Ann Pilney

    I think I was one of the first 10 to sign up. The whole thing has exploded. Well done, Frank.

    • Frank Weathers

      Thanks to folks like you, Ruth Ann, and answered prayers, the Lord has blessed this little endeavor.

  • The Catholic Science Geek

    Let’s keep those signatures coming! Thank you for the updates!

  • Tiff

    I’m not as cool Ruth Ann, I was #14 on the petition, but I’m still stoked about how far it’s come since then! =)

  • Theresa Fortin

    Hello! Thanks for keeping us updated on the numbers for this petition :) I am writing because I thought I would look to see if any of my friends signed this petition (curiosity) and then tried to find my own “signature”… I searched from the highest # to about 1,900 to no avail. I don’t remember what # I was, but it definitely wasn’t below 1,200… I don’t know what happened to my “signature”, but the site won’t let me click (meaning I already signed). I also noted there was at least one duplicate signature (looked like an auto-fill job with the all the same info). I don’t know if anyone else had a problem with their names not showing up. I write to let you know that the numbers may not be as accurate as we are hoping they are. Just thought you should know. Thank you again! Sincerely, Theresa Fortin (Everett, Ma)