There is a Second Petition at the White House, FYI UPDATED

And it’s cooking along at 1,431 signatures at last count (@15:45 EST), which is close to the maximum for this particular airframe. Have you signed it yet? Please do, because the crew would really like to transition to the next level of aircraft as soon as possible.

Click and share the short link here:, so the crew can park the Phantom, and transition to the Blackbird.

Oh, and that reminds me. Go read “the Kid’s” latest blog post over at BadCatholicon the *cough* right of contraception. You’ll be glad you did.

UPDATE: 12 Attorneys General intend to sue over the HHS Mandate. Huzzah!

UPDATE II: HHS Mandate protesters arrested at the White House? Oh my.

SR-71 Blackbird, "Velocitus Incalculus"