Yes, the Obama Administration has “Uncorked It” UPDATED

That’s aviator speak for “lost control of it.” That much is obvious. Bloggers Amie Parnes and Sam Baker up on The Hill, share the scoop with us in their post, Obama Administration Struggles to Contain Uproar over Birth-control Rule.

But will the Administration recover from the flat spin, and regain control of the aircraft? Or will it augur in (er, crash)? Stay tuned. And remember, this ain’t about “birth-control.” It’s about liberty. Just ask Laura Ingraham.<!–more–>

Update: Pastor Rick Warren would rather go to jail than violate his conscience?

Update II: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air: Majority opposes Obama contraception mandate on religious organizations.

Update III: Te Deum Laudamus has links to chase down!

  • Tim

    “Do you know what a love letter is? It’s a bullet from a gun. You receive a love letter from me, you’re…” well, I assume you know the rest.

    The HHS mandate: Obama’s love letter to religion and the First Amendment.