Good Discussions Only Seen On A Comedy Show UPDATED

Jon Stewart gives up 12 minutes of airtime to discussion of Catholic social teachings, with Cathleen Kaveny. Name another network that has done the same lately…*crickets chirping.*

UPDATE: Word on Fire’s Rozann Carter brings up a few points that were forgotten/ omitted by Dr. Kaveny. And Jennifer Hartline on who is really getting played while women “star” in the HHS Mandate imbroglio.

  • Eric

    Clearly a liberal Catholic…focus on “social justice” as the most important thing, comments about men and women being treating unequally in the Church, equating the death penalty with abortion, etc. Not unexpected from someone who works for CommonWeal, supported Obama in 2008 and currently supports the so called “compromise” of Obama on the HHS mandate. Her quote is that the compromise works to the “greater good of providing healthcare”.

  • Dale Lund

    I do wish he had spoken with someone from a less liberal school than Notre Dame, which is often highly controversial. This interview, although entertaining and often meaningful, makes it sound like contraception can slowly evolve into acceptance within the Catholic Church. Sorry. Can’t happen. Won’t happen. If the Pope himself cannot change Church teaching regarding faith and morals, how can Obama, no matter how hard he tries?

  • Julie

    Thank you Eric and Dale. I was thinking the same thing, but couldn’t think how to articulate it.

    Nice to devote the time to a discussion, but such a shallow discussion in some ways. I would have delved more into one of the topics to really create understanding instead if sound bites on many topics.

    • Frank Weathers

      Certainly, the discussion could have been longer and more detailed. A panel discussion with more folks involved, from across the spectrum would have been dandy too. But the irony is that Jon Stewart’s show is where this took place at all.

  • Dan F.

    I think it’s important to pay attention to Jon Stewart’s questions because for all of his court jester act when he gets a topic like this he does ask good penetrating (no pun intended) questions like “why are so many Catholic’s supporting a man for the Presidency who has been divorced twice?” and “Why haven’t the bishops denied communion to politicians for supporting capital punishment?”

    2 categories of questions there. The first speaks to the actions of Catholics in the pews. The second is a knowledge and distinction question (the death penalty position is a matter of judgement, abortion is a grave intrinsic evil). But Stewart’s questions are good and not disrespectful and ought to be considered by Catholics so that we can make good responses (rather than knee-jerk “HE’S A LIBERAL!” tribalism).

    I do wish he’d had Fr. Barron or even Cardinal Doyle on but like Frank said, who else has even given the subject significant airtime?

    • The Ironic Catholic

      Dan F.–agreed. Well said.

  • Nathan S

    It’s unfortunate that a person who speaks clearly about what the church teaches is brought on the show. She may be in the 23rd grade, but she doesn’t teach what the church teaches.

    • Nathan S

      I meant – isn’t brought on the show.

  • Esther

    Oh, Dr. Kaveny. If you read her posts and comments at Commonweal, she fits right in with that snide bunch. Her shtick is to inveigh against “prophetic discourse.” Meaning…anyone who says anything directly and clearly gets a black mark in her book.

    She must have been in heaven – she worships Stewart and Colbert.

    But the daisies….really?

    • Frank Weathers

      But Spring is ’round the corner. Daisies aren’t popping up yet, but daffodils are!

  • Anne Parks

    I have often wondered the same thing myself about being denied communion – Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden, KATHLEEN SEBELIUS who advocate abortion every chance they get. Why didn’t she say something about when Newt was divorced, he was NOT Catholic and there is a process to go through – not that it is just OK. Or mention that we are created by GOD in His image and birth control, abortion, morning after pill all interfere with God’s plan and we place ourselves about Him by making decisions about creation that are in God’s realm.

  • Michele

    The comment section at the Commonweal site are mighty depressing