A liberal, moderate and conservative walk into a bar…

Image Credit: NY Post, Tamara Beckwith

The bartender says, “Hi your Eminence!”

Get it? I don’t know if it’s funny, but it sure is true (and Catholic with a capital “C”).



  • http://cleansingfiredor.com/ Thinkling

    Ah , I was expecting the trite “Hi Mitt”. But capital ‘C’ Catholic does indeed fit the description.

    • Frank Weathers

      Gotcha! :)

  • http://www.chesterton.org Sean P. Dailey

    Took me a second, but…LOL!

    • anitalounurse

      It took me a sec, too….but now, LOL ;)

  • Mere Catholic

    That’s “Why I am Catholic”

    • Frank Weathers