For Your Good Friday Night at the Movies

It’s Good Friday, and again I am presenting a film that I’ve only recently discovered. In truth, it is a television show, dating from back in the 1970’s. But as the main character is G.K. Chesterton’s beloved character named Father Brown, I gave it a look and enjoyed this episode immensely. I think you may enjoy it too.

This episode is adapted from Chesterton’s short story entitled The Hammer of God. It is a murder mystery with an abundance of the brokenness of humanity on display and with a strong Catholic message at the end that you will not want to miss. Adultery, murder, truth, Protestant devotion gone awry, and Catholic sensibility, a lot is packed into this 52 minute long episode. And trust me, you’ll love the dialogue Father Brown delivers at the end.

If you have Netflix streaming, you can watch this episode instantly, as it is the first out of seven episode available there. If not, you can also watch it on You Tube. Either way, I’ll start you off with this clip, and you can take it from there.

YouTube Preview Image


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