Have You Ever Had a Catholic Dream?


I had my first Catholic dream last night. It’s been a while since I remember having a dream after waking up at all, actually. But I’ve definitely never had a dream that I could label as “Catholic” before. At least not since I entered the Church at the Easter Vigil four years ago. That is, until the dream I dreamt last night.

Driving around in the car yesterday, after taking kids to sports fields, mass, and a dinner to celebrate victories and such, my oldest son mentioned something he had learned about dreams, deep sleep, and the brain. My daughter chimed in that she has dreams all the time, which she remembers vividly.

I remember thinking at the time, as I was driving and just listening, “Heh. I can’t remember the last time I remember having a dream after waking up.” But dream last night, I did.

Best tiramisu ever. Enough for 5, please.

Perhaps it was the Italian restaurant, the glass of white zinfindel, or the eggplant parmesan, the palenta, pheasant, lasagna, and the blue marlin (good, but chewy). Perhaps it was the tiramisu or something else I ate as we celebrated victories and feasted that opened the door to dreaming.

Perhaps it was the stories my wife and I shared around the dinner table, of the trip that brought us to Venice, Rome, and Florence, after we had graduated from college. Or maybe it was the little thought I shared with the family that perhaps the reason we rest and feast on Sunday is to give us all a little taste of heaven (H/T Fr. Dwight).

Whatever the reason, though, I had a dream I remember last night and it was vivid. I was at the Vatican for some reason, a conference or something. I have no idea why, really. But in the dream, I just knew where the setting was: The Eternal City.

Anyway, in this place, maybe a grand cathedral, or a coliseum with lots and lots of people, religious folks, and laypeople, I somehow wound up sitting in a row with Pope Benedict XVI at one point.

Il Papa is short!

We chatted, and I noticed that he was laid back, spoke really good English with a mild German accent, and he was a joy to be around. We got up for some reason, and walked around a bit and I noticed something else. He was short. Really short. Shorter than I expected.

And then I was directed to another spot in the auditorium/ stadium, and others got a chance to meet, chat and sit next to Il Papa too. And I was happy for them.

Then I woke up, feeling refreshed.

  • Peggy Hagen

    :-) Pope Benedict stopped by my house for coffee once – this was a day or so after getting to see him in DC, on our birthday.

  • http://jscafenette.com Manny

    LOL! I don’t think I ever have. I don’t remember many dreams any longer myself.

  • SteveD

    Years ago I dreamt that a cross appeared in the sky. I wandered about looking at it and watching people’s reactions. There were crowds outside a police station and someone came out with a loud hailer to say that they had no information about the cross and could give no advice. I went into a Catholic church, it was packed and there were long queues for confession but most people were out in the streets just standing in small groups, looking up and talking quietly. I have often hoped that this might have been more a prophecy than a dream.

  • Grace

    Actually, yes. And it was so vivid I wrote a short story based on it. I told the perspective of myself from the main character, but in case you’re interested: http://pillarofgrace.wordpress.com/

  • Moses Foo

    Hi Frank

    Reading this post, I must say I have had dreams related to being a “Catholic”, if that what it means by a Catholic dream. Anyway.

    One dream that came to mind though is me at the entrance of the church looking at the altar and had feeling of being welcome and another is about the communion host. Those dreams were some years ago so can’t really remember the details. That’s as Catholic dream as I can recall.