Mitt Romney says, “We Are All Catholics Now” UPDATED

Why am I choosing the “lesser of two evils” come this Fall? Let me show you Exhibit A.

The folks over at The Weekly Standard have the rest of the story from a town hall style campaign stop in Ohio a few days ago. They’ve just never heard of TubeChop over at TWS.

Maybe Mitt Romney isn’t an “evil” to choose, but just a weevil. Still, I’ll be choosing him. It’s like this, see?

YouTube Preview Image

I’m not going to “overthink” the vote. There are just too many other more important things to do.


Exhibits B,C,D, and E

Crisis Magazine: Post-Comfortable Christianity and the Election of 2012.
Simca Fisher and I are on the same page.
Pat Archbold’s “Just Voter Theory.”
Francis Beckwith on Mormonism, Catholicism, and the Romney Candidacy.

  • David R

    Romney hasn’t come close to convincing me that he is pro-life, and he has thoroughly convinced me that he is untrustworthy. I could not vote for him in good conscience. An untrustworthy person is a worthless person (though not in the theological sense).

    If he appears on the ballot, Ron Paul will receive my vote. Otherwise, I will vote for Gary Johnson. (I refuse to vote for pro-choice candidates when there are pro-life candidates, but there won’t be an honest pro-life candidate on the ballot unless Ron Paul’s name appears.)

    • Frank Weathers

      I was leaning towards Ron Paul at the beginning, and voted for him in the Primary but, alas, I realized (as primary election after primary election results showed) that Ron Paul is huge only on the internet, and not at the polls.

      There are several links added as updates to this post, one of which is from philosopher, and Thomist, Francis Beckwith, and another by Fr. George Rutler. In the minds of many this idea that “the perfect is the enemy of the good” is quite simply “overthinking” your vote in a system built to support two major parties. We don’t have proportional representation here, or coalition governments, etc. Getting all hepped up about the lack of perfection among either of the dominant parties and their candidates, or the lack of differences between the two major parties, points to where, if you really want to change them, you need to spend your time doing so. Hint: It’s not in the ballot box, but in the Central Committees at the local level in precincts all throughout the country. You want subsidiarity? That is where you bring it to bear, and put it into action as Catholics.

      Now, I’m where Simcha Fisher was when she wrote,

      Well, after life with Obama, I think differently. I would be immensely grateful to have a president who only does a little bit of harm, instead of striding around the globe with a meat cleaver, the way Obama has done. All right?

      So that’s why I’m voting for Romney. I don’t really think he’s terribly pro-life . . . but he’s not avidly pro-abortion, like Obama. I don’t really think he gets what’s so bad about Romneycare . . . but he’s not going to use heathcare as a Catholic-persecuting machine, like Obama did. I’ll be voting against Obama, and I think I have a serious responsibility to do that. I’m not thinking about four years down the road, or what “message” I’m sending to the GOP by appearing to support a joke like Romney. I’m just trying to stop the bleeding.

      That’s step two of the first aid steps I was taught in the Marines.

      Start the Breathing
      Stop the Bleeding
      Protect the Wound
      Treat for Shock

  • Andy

    My concern is that Mr. Romney represents what is wrong with our political system, just as Mr. Obama does – say anything to get elected. I see the two of them as almost equally short on moral character and concern. Unlike you, see voting for Romney as making the bleeding worse in a different spot and voting for Obama as increasing shock. Neither are acceptable.

  • Frank Weathers

    I reckon you’ll be getting busy at the local level to help bring the values of the two large parties in line with Catholic teaching, or on bringing forth a new party that will arise to eclipse either of the two dominant parties. That is because the way countries that have inherited the British electoral system (single-member constituencies with simple plurality winners) work is they all tend toward two large parties at the national level.

    Until that time, you are Stephen Maturin, and I am Captain Aubrey. Stephen? You must choose now, and work behind the scenes for better choices tomorrow.

  • Eric Durden

    Just received an electronic polling call that was so skewed to the democratic candidate that it was a lie. Example, do you support Pres Obama; yes push 1, no 2, unsure 3. I press 2 and then they asked how strongly do u support the pres. Unreal what polls are saying. This one was a lie.

  • Jane

    Oh Boy, Let the wars begin. The Catholic Church will again be used for political purposes,,,,,,Not once will those using our church and calling themselves “Catholic Now” have any of them dfended the church in any way that didn’t help them politically. Have you ever heard an evangelical of Mormon Leader say a word to defend the church in the Priest Scandal,,,or at least stop the remarks from their side? When was the last time an Evangelical stood up against attacks of WWII anti-semetism against the church,,,,,,when did any evangelical defend the Catholic Church’s stance on immigration,,,, or poverty???? Romney, if he was “All Catholics Now” would have stopped at the Nationla Shrine of Czestochowa – instead of calling the Tob of the Unknown a Holy Shrine. – Let’s not let politics put the final nail in the coffin of the catholic Church.

  • the choice is clear

    Tehnically a Catholic may vote for a write in candidate and be in good conscience. But in our system in this election, a vote for someone other than Romney is a vote for Obama… a vote upholding the Mexico City policy, a vote upholding the failure to defend the Defense of Marriage Act and promotion of homosexual behavior as an equivalent of marriage, support for allowing children born alive as citizens of the United States in “failed abortions” to then not receive care, and support for undermining our basic right to freedom of religion. Whether that’s the intent or not, that’s the effect. Whatever imperfections Romney has are no comparison to the great evil and destruction Obama brings to our country. We must unite to remove Obama from office.