What Would President Obama’s Second Term Look Like?

Dinesh D’Souza has an idea. And he has a film coming out soon wherein he hopes to explain the current Presidents’ vision for the future of America.

I’ve always admired D’Souza since bumping into his work while I was trying to get into UCLA.  I had heard of him, and his book Illiberal Educationwhile I was channel surfing and landed on his appearance on C-SPAN’s book review program way back in 1991.  I lost track of him after I graduated, as I had more important things to attend to (like start a new career and a family, etc.).

He came back onto my radar screen in 2010 when he was named  President of The King’s College in NYC. I seem to remember that New Advent shared a number of posts about this appointment because he was a Catholic, or at least had been one. Joe Carter, an Evangelical who writes over at First Things, noted that he thought D’Souza wasn’t a Catholic at the time, backed up by the thoughts of my Patheos blog neighbor Francis Beckwith.

As a result, I learned that D’Souza, whether he was a good Catholic, bad Catholic, or a Protestant, was the kind of guy who was confident enough in his faith to debate the likes of Christopher Hitchens. And he did so in the tradition of G.K. Chesterton, who debated, and befriended, atheists like George Bernard Shaw (who coined the term “the Chesterbelloc” to describe the deep friendship, bordering on partnership, between Chesterton and his fast friend Hilaire Belloc) with wit, charity, and absolutely without rancor.

Fast forward to this morning, when I learned about the movie coming out this summer. Actually, it’s already playing in a few select theaters in Texas, Tennessee, and Montana. According to the Hollywood Reporter, it  opened to a standing room only crowd back on July 15th, with folks even sitting in the aisles. The film is based on D’Souza’s New York Times bestseller, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, a book which I have not read, as I’ve been too busy helping get the word out about the HHS Mandate battle to notice anything but the current President’s rage against the Catholic Church.

And so I present to you the following clip of D’Souza speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that starts off with the trailer to the film 2016: Obama’s America. The film has some solid filmaker chops, as Gerald R. Molen, producer of films you’ve heard of (Rain Man, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, and others) is the producer. You may even recognize Jerry as the park veterinarian (roll clip)ministering to the sick triceratops in Jurassic Park.

So without further ado, I turn this post over to a video from this years’ CPAC meeting that begins with the trailer for 2016: Obama’s America, followed up by a short speech by Dr. D’Souza, who took the podium after an appearance by Governor Bobby Jindal, whom was mentioned this morning by my other neighbor, Deacon Greg Kandra.

YouTube Preview Image

You can learn more about the film at 2016themovie.com. You may also find D’Souza’s article on Christianity at the Huffington Post to be of interest as well.

  • Doug Thornton

    All one needs to know about Barrack Obama is that he is a politician. What actions he takes and doesn’t take in his chosen vocation should be understood in terms of what constituency he is wishing to manipulate or what moneyed interest group he wishes to mollify with the end game being his further electoral success . It is that simple.

    We don’t need Dinesh D’Souza to interpret Obama’s autobiography for us, as if D’Souza is some kind of oracle revealing the contents of gnostic scripture. It is an autobiograpy of a POLITICIAN. ( See first paragraph).

    It is somewhat disappointing to see D”Souza emulate the Michael Moore path of profitable opportunism. But hey, I suppose an untapped market was recognized. As if the members of CPAC didn’t have enough reasons to disdain Obama. LOL

    Meanwhile, I wonder if D’Souza will shed light on the dreams of Mitt Romney’s father. Those seem to be in play too. Nah. D’Souza has found his niche.

    But Mr. Weathers, I honestly thought you were evolving out of that niche. I had applauded your surprising but welcome posts that had priests characterizing the “American exceptionalism” meme in heretical terms. But now you have D’Souza using that phrase so blithely, as if it were magesterial dogma. I don’t know. Backsliding?

    Your friend,
    Joe 2 six pack,

    • Frank Weathers

      Unlike Michael Moore’s stuff, we haven’t exactly been inundated with news, or commercials, about this film. I merely stumbled upon it, and thought I would share it with readers.

  • Faith

    Wow, Doug! Cynical much? Whew! You must have been in a bad mood, you got Obama, all politicians, D’Souza and Frank all in one comment! Hope today is better and at least one person you meet doesn’t disappoint you bitterly.

    I don’t know much about D’Souza. Heard the name before but haven’t really read anything by him. I thought the interesting angle was seeing Obama as an anti-colonialist since D’Souza knows that worldview well himself because of his heritage. I think that brings a new perspective I, at least, haven’t thought about before. The movie looks intriguing.

    • Doug Thornton

      To Faith: and here I thought I was excercising self-restraint. I had something to say about Mr. Molen, the producer, but held back. I assure you, mine was a very tame comment. But you are correct in recognizing my cynicism. It is a cynicism of the present world. I like to think of it is a by-product of my hope and joy for the next world. Pax et bonum.

      By all means, see the film. But also, after you read “Bad Religion” , read “Dreams from my Father.” See if you get as worked up about it as D’Souza does.

      Look, there is nothing in D’Souza’s remarks that warrant anything but condemnation. I mean , he pushes every button he can as he addresses that particular crowd. The Churchill bust, the Ayers relationship, the “holes” in his biography. Come on, so we don’t know who his friends were at Columbia or who he lived with. Is D’Souza a college president or a tabloid reporter? Did we know Reagan’s roommates or Bush’s? What is that?

      Falsehoods: The USA has never produced more oil in its history than now, but Obama is blocking oil production somehow. What is that about a 100% tax? Scary to the CPAC folk yet Obama has actually retained the Bush tax-cuts and lowered payroll taxes during his tenure. Just fear-mongering.

      But let’s get to the most interesting thing ,the big thesis, the horrid, horrid anti-colonialism that somehow is the pole star guiding Obama’s ideological compass. Don’t you find it extraordinarily strange that an American would find fault with another American who is anti-colonialist? Isn’t that what the revolution was fought over? Isn’t being anti-colonialist what being an American is all about? Self-determination, and not being ruled by another country? Is D’Souza actually espousing Pro-colonialism? Is that his strongest indictment of Obama, that Obama shares the most basic American value, and the values of the entire world?

      And is he really acting on it? Really? Egypt is not Syria is not Iraq is not Iran is not Bahrein is not Libya. Come on Mr. College president, there are a complex set of international contingencies and geo-political realities that must be worked out ….always. What is D’Souza actually seeking here or promoting? War against the world, to spread liberty?

      Anyway, this kind of propagandic, political, ideolgical, self-promoting speak is not why I am Catholic.

      Your friend, Doug

      • Frank Weathers

        I think we three can agree on what Archbishop Chaput says here,

        I want to close by returning to the second of my friend’s two questions. He asked if our nation’s Catholic bishops now find themselves opposed — in a new and fundamental way — to the nature of American society. I can speak only for myself. But I suspect that for many of my brother American bishops the answer to that question is a mix of both No and Yes.

        The answer is No in the sense that the Catholic Church has always thrived in the United States, even in the face of violent bigotry. Catholics love and thank God for this country. They revere the American legacy of democracy, law and ordered liberty. As the bishops wrote in 1940 on the eve of World War II, “[We] renew [our] most sacred and sincere loyalty to our government and to the basic ideals of the American republic … [and we] are again resolved to give [ourselves] unstintingly to its defense and its lasting endurance and welfare.” Hundreds of thousands of American Catholics did exactly that on the battlefields of Europe and the South Pacific.

        But the answer is Yes in the sense that the America of Catholic memory is not the America of the present moment or the emerging future. Sooner or later, a nation based on a degraded notion of liberty, on license rather than real freedom — in other words, a nation of abortion, disordered sexuality, consumer greed and indifference to immigrants and the poor — will not be worthy of its founding ideals. And, on that day, it will have no claim on virtuous hearts.

        Read the whole address he delivered to the Napa Institute recently: “Building a Culture of Religious Freedom”

  • Faith

    Oh and, by the way, Frank, because of your post on Ross Douthat’s Bad Religion book, I downloaded it on my kindle and started reading it. Good, good stuff! I had to stop myself though because I am reading Paul Johnson’s Jesus, A Biography from a Believer and if I read too many books at once I wind up never finishing any of them. It is a real act of mortification for me! (I already am reading another fiction book plus listening to a book on audio in my car – not that you wanted to know my personal reading habits, LOL!) Have you heard of Paul Johnson? I think you’d enjoy him.

    • Frank Weathers

      I haven’t. I’m still trying to read Aquinas (LOL).