A 1,000 Mile Per Hour Car? Let’s Do It!

I’m a sucker for gearhead related stuff like this. Slap four wheels on something that includes a Formula-One engine, a Typhoon fighter plane jet engine AND a rocket motor? I’m definitely interested.

ABC News has the clip (pardon any commercials),

Read all about it.

  • http://theoldadam.com/ Steve Martin

    I would defy that car, or any other car, to go more than 5 mph on the Ventura freeway at 4pm on any day of the midweek.

    It does look like it would get pretty decent mileage though. :D

  • http://www.coloradomusing.blogspot.com Ron Moffat

    That thing could be h**l on traffic cops! They couldn’t get within 50 feet!

    • Frank Weathers

      And they thought the Batmobile flames were something.