1,206 Facebook Followers!

Your orders for the day are to make sure that after bothering to “like” YIMCatholic on Facebook, insure that you actually get to see my posts there. Weird, I know, but FB has been weird for a while now. So weird, that they think I’ll pay for advertising.

Heh. Hehehe…Bwahahahahahahahaha! The likelihood of that happening would be NIL.

So here’s the deal. The following picture tells you what to do to actually get my super faithful, so good that you can’t do without them, posts to show up on your feed as a matter of course. You know, day in and day out. It’s easy-peasy. Just go to the blog Facebook page and do the following.



Any questions? Oh, and in some cases, you may need to click on that gear looking thingy to get similar options. What’s that? You haven’t “liked” the blog on Facebook yet?

Do it now!

(H/T American Papist)