The Trillion Dollar Coin Question: Jon Stewart Plays “Everyman” to Paul Krugman’s “Voodoo Economist”

It’s time for the next crisis that I refuse to get up in arms about. I won’t be getting any ulcers about the national debt. Obama refuses to negotiate debt ceiling raise, and I’m all like, “So? I refuse to freak out that you refuse to negotiate the debt ceiling.” If you could print your own money, you’d probably raise your credit limit too.

Or maybe you wouldn’t. Maybe you’d scrap some aircraft carriers, end the war in Afghanistan, and close down Guantanamo instead. Or maybe you’d come up with the idea for a Trillion Dollar Blue Chip coin.

So when some of our fearless leaders came up with that idea to get around the “debt ceiling” (the idea was shot down by the Administration, BTW), I do what any common sense minded person would do. I laughed.

Jon Stewart did the same thing, though he rankled Noble Laureate economist Paul Krugman in the process. Have a look and a laugh (salty language alert) too.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Now, about that IOU the Treasury wrote to fund the Social Security Trust Fund,  after a year where workers had a 2% reprieve on the amount paid into the system (a direct pass thru from Peter to pay Paul), Uncle Sam might just need to add a few more zeros to that. A coin or a slip of paper with IOU stamped on it, see, works the same way anyhow.

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