Beware People Bearing Cameras and Microphones Asking Your Opinion About “Our New Pope”

You know, when there isn’t one. You may become a pawn of Jimmy Kimmel Live, like these eager folks.

YouTube Preview Image

My favorite leading question? The one about our new teenaged Pope, naturally. If we had a teenaged Pope, see, odds are I wouldn’t have to endure another conclave.

Share your favorite new pope with me in the combox below.

  • Elizabeth Wellner

    My favourite new pope is that grouchy looking Siamese cat whose pictures have been making the rounds on Facebook because he looks so miserable and blase. I figure he’s so stern looking that all the bouncy frilly Modernists will find him scary and will go away.

    • Frank Weathers

      Grumpy Cat? No joy! ;)

  • Sean McGaughey

    New teenaged pope? I thought Marc Barnes was already our teenaged pope.