To Pray For the People of Egypt And For Peace in the Middle East

I’ve been feeling a bit like Obi Wan Kenobi did after Alderaan was destroyed. Too geeky? Then try Matthew 2:18. Get the picture? The main reason is what has been going down in Syria and in Egypt.

It’s been close to 2 1/2 years since I told you about my experiences in Egypt. Egypt was the first foreign country I ever visited. And staying there for 15 months, I came to know it better than I would have if I just experienced a week long tourist jaunt.

My heart goes out to the wonderful Egyptians in danger all across the country. The Egyptian people I met treated me as family and had a very positive impact on me. I am saddened by what they have endured over this past decade.

At the time I first mentioned praying for the people there, Hosni Mubarak was on his way out, and unknown forces were on their way in. As the unknown forces became known, the new bosses became the old boss. The people of Egypt are having none of it, thankfully.

So here we are again, with even more Egyptians taking to the streets. Sometime yesterday, 8 people were shot and killed while the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood was pelted with rocks, and molotov cocktails, etc. To top this off, the Egyptian military has given the new boss, Mohammed Mursi, an ultimatum in which he has 24 more hours to get right with his constituents, step down, or…no one knows quite what.

Meanwhile in Syria, where for some strange reason our government thinks it knows what it’s doing, a Franciscan monk was shot, while other folks, possibly Christians, possibly not, were beheaded by rebel forces there. Rebel forces, whom we so forthrightly believe to be worthy of arming and training since November last year. Which has many Christians in Syria asking the question, “Why is America at war with us?”

Hmmm. I wonder if the Administration remembers the underlying reason for much of the violence that was unleashed towards us in the Fall of last year (and in 2001)?  Probably not. Too reflective. Too introspective. Too damning.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to pray for my adopted country of Egypt, and I’ll pray for peace in Syria and the rest of the Middle East too. I’m going to pray that the people of Egypt get the government that they need, and one that they deserve, one that offers true reforms, and respects all groups, both Muslim, Christian, and all points in between.

I’m also praying that we as a nation wise up and stop trying to pick winners and losers among other nations and their internal squabbles. Provide humanitarian aide, but ixnay on the loser’s game of supplying beans and bullets to proxy armies.

And I’m going to sing a song that’s like a prayer. Join me, won’t you?

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  • That’s a great U2 song. Perhaps my favorite. Yes, I agree, we should not be militarily involved in either. I saw that video of the beheadings. It’s sickening and all the while they were chanting the name of allah. For the life of me, i may never understand Islam. It is nothing like Christianity, and the ugly side of Islam is repulsive to say the least. I’ll join you in praying for peace in the middle east. I do have a friend through the internet in Cairo who I’m worried about.

  • ‘I’m going to pray that the people of Egypt get the government that they need, and one that they deserve, one that offers true reforms, and respects all groups, both Muslim, Christian, and all points in between.’
    Now that would be a miracle! I pray with you but I will not hold my breath. As long as Islam is the basis of society true equality will not be allowed. Just ask the Copts. They have a testimony of a 1000 years of persecution. It is all a tragedy for the Copts and the rest of the ‘moderate’ Muslims but they are drowning in the cultural swamp called Islam.