Nobody Is Signing Up For Obamacare? Even With Edgy And Cool Ads Like This One? UPDATED

Reuters reported yesterday that practically no one has signed up for Obamacare so far. Of course, most folks couldn’t even log on to the website run by the Feds. But let’s limit the sample size to the states that run their own exchanges, shall we? How’d they do?

Nov 11 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform has reached only about 3 percent of its enrollment target for 2014 in 12 U.S. states where new online health insurance marketplaces are mostly working smoothly, a report released on Monday said.

States with functioning exchanges have signed up 49,100 people compared with the 1.4 million people expected to be enrolled for 2014, according to the report by healthcare research and consultancy firm Avalere Health.

With enrollment in the federal website serving 36 states stalled by technical failures, the weak sign-ups for functioning insurance exchanges could be due to the administration’s difficulty to promote the program as a success, Avalere said.

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Golly.You mean ads that appeal to a dumbed down electorate in Colorado didn’t land the big numbers either? Ads like this one?

You stay classy, Obamacare. <== See more here.


Planned Parenthood can even understand how crass this ad is. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that it isn’t an anti-Obamacare ad. Oh boy.

Idea! Help them understand by sharing a revised  Tweet by the good folks over at StandingWithHobbyLobby.

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  • Is that a real ad by this government? I can’t believe it. How low can they go? I’m sick of this filthy administration. Throw the bums out.

    • “Got Insurance is a project of the Thanks Obamacare campaign, created by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education to educate everyone about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.”

      See more at:

      • Thanks. It’s still in congruence with Obama’s administration. In the end, this administration will be remembered for paying for sex and abortion. That’s what they reduce down to. The government has been reduced to a bunch of pimps.

    • moseynon

      As Frank pointed out, the ads are sponsored by two non-profit organizations. They are not sponsored by the federal or state government.

      But the ads are tacky and offensive, regardless..

      • I said it was in congruenence with the Obama administration, not that it was the administration.

  • Karen

    So wait, she only has to worry about getting him into bed? She doesn’t need to worry about the failure rate of hormonal birth control?