Pope Francis Is In The Running For TIME Magazine’s Person Of The Year

Luca Zennaro, PoolLUCA — AP Photo

I predict a landslide victory for Papa Francesco.

The competition? Hmmmmm. Prince George? Vince Gilligan? Shinzo Abe? Chris Chrisite? Basher Assad? Miley Cyris? Barack Obama? Kathleen Sibelius?

Are you freaking kidding me? <==Miley Cyris is in the lead?!

 Vote here for the Pope.

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  • MeanLizzie

    Time Magazine is stupid: “The first Jesuit Pontiff won hearts and headlines with his common touch and rejection of church dogma and luxury.”

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/yimcatholic/ Frank Weathers

      I find their lack of attention to detail, disturbing.

    • Steve

      When I saw that, I almost had an aneurysm from the stupidity.

      I mean, I can think of at least four things wrong with that sentence. I could probably come up with more.

  • Tom

    Mick Foley (pro wrestler) was winning one year, but they disqualified him, because he’s a pro wrestler. I imagine Miley Cyrus will meet the same fate.