PSA: Fortify Your Electric Garage Door To Prevent Easy Access

Some assembly may be required.

Consider this post a public service announcement. Thieves can gain easy access to your home through your electric garage door. There’s not much chance of them guessing your access code anymore, but there is a key vulnerability in the emergency (read “power failure”) release.

What to do about it? Roll clip.

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re lucky (like me), the method outlined in the video above won’t exactly work. In my case, see, I had to drill a couple of holes in order to use the cable-tie deterrent. Have a look.

Drill a 13/64″ hole on this side, and through the other side too.

Here’s how it will look head-on.

Thread cable-tie through the holes, cinch tight, clip excess away.

One last trick. On the lanyard? Remove the handle. No need to give a coat hanger anything to grab hold of.


“Grrrrrr! Hiss!”

Have a nice day.



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