Focus On the Family: The Beginning of the End?

Focus On the Family: The Beginning of the End? July 15, 2011

This is an excellent post on the “new face of Focus on the Family” and its implications for conservatism in America. Specifically, it addresses the recent dust-up over Blake Mycoskie and his organization’s association with FotF—or rather the lack thereof.

I would like to hope there are other conservatives similarly alarmed over the direction the organization has been gradually taking ever since Dobson stepped down. The pathetic attempts of ostensibly conservative Christians to curry favor with a political side that will never have anything but contempt for them are simply… well, pathetic. I heartily agree with this author and couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  • I think that’s the point. Siding with an entity such as TOMS, gives them more of a platform to share Jesus. I can’t say I find fault in that. Unless it was a political alignment… God doesn’t need Blake Mycoskie or anybody else, for that matter.
    But regarding Blake Mycoskie and TOMS…ugghhh. I’m glad he cares for the poor, but be a man.

  • I think Focus had quite a good platform to share Jesus effectively back when they were “your mother’s Focus” and actually “focused” on critical issues. Now they seem prepared to just blend in with other generic organizations instead of standing out in a vital and much-needed way. Meanwhile, I certainly wouldn’t have invited Blake were I in their shoes. This is a guy who tramples on the sanctity of life and marriage? No thanks. Let’s start with someone who DOESN’T believe women have a right to kill their babies.
    And honestly, if Blake Mycoskie really cared for the poor, he wouldn’t have made such a show of distancing himself from Focus. This was an opportunity for his noble humanitarian organization to get money for his noble humanitarian purposes, and he spat on it. Whoever wants to help the poor here, it sure isn’t him.

  • I’ve no interest in defending the guy from TOMS or Focus’ association with them. But I need to address a few things here;
    The article you linked to drips with bitter fundamentalist tripe. Focus is heading “left-ward”? Because of eco-friendly messages? I guess you would consider Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (which, adding irony, is savaged in most media for being doggedly fundamentalist) left-leaning as well, for similar comments made by Russ Moore.
    The dilemma for Focus is that they spent most of their Dobson years in fruitless political angling and laughable versions of activism. Remember this is the organization largely responsible for raising Cain over the Harry Potter books (which they’ve now kindasortamaybe thought better about). That is how Focus spent their years under Dobson, and now they’re reaping a healthy crop of irrelevance. This new direction might be due to nothing but necessity. FoF’s influence is at an all time low and Dobson’s work is being criticized by the new generation of Reformational evangelicals. Say this for them: They have timed their “new direction” just right.

  • You, sir, are a troll. Kindly take your own bitter agenda somewhere else. I have better things to do with my time than pound your snarkiness into pulp, though I certainly could if I had the motivation.

  • “Troll,” n., Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community”-Wikipedia
    How is my comment trolling? There was nothing inflammatory in my post, my comments were relatively brief and I specifically addressed the topic at hand.
    If you enable comments on a post you open the door to people who disagree with you. You certainly are not obligated to respond, but to call someone a troll who is clearly not a troll is just slanderous.

  • Tim

    Put these two sentences together:
    “The article you linked to drips with bitter fundamentalist tripe.”
    “There was nothing inflammatory in my post, …”
    ‘Nuff said.

  • “If you enable comments on a post you open the door to people who disagree with you.”
    I’ll keep in that mind. By the way, you’re welcome to go to the actual post I linked to and leave comments there instead of commenting here.