Sing it Again: All That I Am

Sing it Again: All That I Am August 29, 2011

Recently fridaynightrevival put up a post highlighting a forgotten gem from Gold City’s Standing in the Gap called “All That I Am.” Written by Terry Franklin with his wife Barbi, it’s a quietly majestic piece with powerful lyrics and a melody reminiscent of Danny Boy:
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FNR said he believed somebody should bring it back, and I agreed. However, instead of coming up with my own idea of who should revive it, I decided to ask Terry himself. He actually had a couple of suggestions. First he said that he thought Wes Hampton could do a great job on it. This hadn’t even occurred to me because it was originally carried by a lead singer (David Hill). However, I immediately saw that he was completely right. Wes could infuse a lot of expression into the lyric. Raise the key by a step or two, and he’d bring the house down.
But Terry’s other suggestion was even more intriguing: Debra Talley. I could absolutely hear this working as well, although the arrangement would probably be a little quieter and more nuanced. Debra has a very rich voice that would also capture the song’s essence quite beautifully.
Do I hear more ideas from my readers?

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  • Nate Stainbrook

    Love David Hill on this one… I could actually hear Doug Anderson knocking this one out of the park! I could also hear Bryan Hutson doing a very good job with it as well… I have to agree with Terry though Wes Hampton’s voice is made for this one IMO…

  • Ya know actually Nate, I could hear Bryan Hutson too, considering the relatively new Kingsmen style of music they’ve been doing. I think it would serve quite well.

  • Another idea I had was Scott Fowler with Legacy Five.

  • Nate Stainbrook

    I could hear Scotty doing that, and doing it very well… It would also fit with the direction I have a feeling they are going to start going in…

  • Inspo? Orchestration?

  • Nate Stainbrook

    Maybe a little inspo; but then again maybe not… 🙂