NQC Hasty Notes #2: Tuesday Night

NQC Hasty Notes #2: Tuesday Night September 13, 2011

Installment #2. Enjoy. I missed the first part and entered when the Easters were singing. So starting there, here’s my running commentary on the night’s doings.
Just came on to see the Easters. Morgan’s shoes are bright red. Repeat after me Morgan: “There is no place like home. There is no place like home.” (click, click, click)
Now Sheri is singing. What a rich voice she has. “Praise His Name.” This is very touching. She just said that she is celebrating 3 years cancer free. Now Jeff is singing “I Get To.” Awwww, nice country song. Now he’s setting up “Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me,” which his dad wrote. Great song. Now his dad is up on stage with him. He just sang verse two! How sweet!  Now he’s speaking about his wife’s recent death and how he promised her that when he’s touched the last soul he can touch, he’ll be right behind her. Oh, now he has Dean Hopper in tears. Awwwww.

Dean just told a joke. At least I think it was supposed to be a joke. I wasn’t listening. Must have missed it. Now Legacy Five is up singing “I’d Like to Say It Again.” Their mikes weren’t on at first but came on real quick like. At least somebody’s learning. Now it’s the title track of their latest, A Wonderful Life. I love watching Trey on keys. Gosh, Scott Fowler’s still got that baby face. And speaking of baby face, now he’s introducing Trey. Telling him to play something SOUTHERN GOSPEL, because that’s what the folks like. Of course he starts off launching into Scarlatti. Now we’re back on track with “Leaning On the Everlasting Arms.” (Scott: “Okay Trey. Rule #1: Don’t try to make me look like an idiot.”) I just realized that Trey looks like Michael Buble. Except that’s an insult to Trey. By the way, so far we’ve had no sound issues. Yay. (Somebody just said somebody must have gotten fired, and DBM said “Shot, hopefully.” HA!) Now they’re singing a “politically incorrect” song according to Scott: “God Had a Hand In It.” Oh, oh, oh, they’re doing “For What Earthly Reason.” YEEAAAH! Pardon me while I slip into a state of bliss for a few minutes here. Will be back, promise. That’s real talent right there folks. Thank me for it—I threatened Scott Fowler with a lawsuit if they didn’t do that one.
Break for a pointless video. I hear they did all of these last year too. At least come up with different pointless videos? This one is about a dude who discovers a way to reach through a paper with a picture of a black hole on it. He tries to rob a safe and ends up stuck inside… never mind. “Ah that greed, it’ll get you.” Okey-dokey.
Adam Crabb just treated us to some seriously anointed harmonica playing on “Amazing Grace.” Now the Bowlings are singing: “The Heart Will Never Break Anymore.” Beautiful. Now they’re singing “Leaving On My Mind” with Jason. They work great together. Kelly is kicking off “Uncloudy Day.” Sounds great. The Bowlings are so inspiring, and they can really sing! Now it’s “Your Cries Have Awoken the Master,” which is an amazing song. They just nailed the key change. Then Kelly shared a powerful testimony, and now Mike is starting “I Still Glory In the Cross.” WOW! They just knocked that out of left field. Power!  Now Jason is tearing it up with his band on “I Saw the Light.” Let’s have church. Come on now. And just as I thought Jason needed some live backing, he gets the same idea (what can I say, using the force to control other people’s minds is just a gift) and has the Bowlings come back up. The crowd is gonna sing some too. Jason is instructing them. This should be good. Well okay, so the crowd didn’t quite get the hang of it, but it was still good.
Now Jason is doing “Beulah Land.” But it skipped. It must have been my mom coming in and saying she could only take so much of Jason. Go away Mom. Okay, better now. 😀 Now they’re going into “Who Am I” — it must be a medley. Hey, suddenly “Midnight Cry.” “I know this is not my song, but I adopted it.” Okay, let’s go for it! That was great. Leaving us with “Through the Fire.”
Here I took a break and came back to check on the McKameys. “I Know How I Made It.” They’re so great. I mean they can’t really sing, but it’s like it doesn’t matter somehow. Whoop, there go Peg’s shoes. It was just a matter of time…
Okay, now this is totally weird. Clarke Beasley got up and introduced… a Fox News anchor?? Who turns out to be a gospel singer? Some black guy named Kelly Wright. Never heard of him. He’s singing something called “There is a God.” This is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. Honestly. Truly awful. I’m sitting here laughing out loud. Somebody in the chat just said, “My lands. Maybe I could write a song after all.”
BUT, BUT, BUT. After the song, he told the story of how he came to be born, and it was truly inspiring. His mother was sexually abused (by a pastor no less), and her mother pressed her to have an abortion. The teenage girl said “No. God has told me this is the only biological child I will ever have.” So she had Kelly, and indeed, she never had another biological child. This is a very powerful testimony. He is preaching right now and it is great. Now he’s closing with “He Looked Beyond My Fault” acapella. He hit that high note sure ’nuff. Just wish they hadn’t wasted time with that, that thing he sang earlier. Great testimony. I have to say I’m really glad Kelly came on after all. Yes, I’m sure Averyfineline will have some choice and snarky words. Whatever.
Left again and came back to see the Hinsons. Thinking this could be a good time to go work on that Descartes paper. Aw heck, they’ve only got one song left. Might as well stick around. It’s “The Lighthouse.” Pretty terrible, have to say. To say Bo was over-singing would be a slight under-statement. Oh well, they’re off now.
Now we have a group that can actually sing: The King’s Heralds. They’re in the middle of the crowd, people yakking all around, and they’re singing in perfect pitch. It’s not fair I tell you. They should be on mainstage more than just one measly song a night. Then again, they are on for four nights. So perhaps it’s fair after all. Now some lady with big hair named Lindsey is singing a Christmas song… she must’ve won a showcase spot. Her nails are bright red, but she can sing pretty well. Ah, tradeoffs… Kim was so sweet the way she just came out after her song and talked about how nerve-wracking it must be for an unknown artist to sing a song on mainstage.
Mark Trammell Quartet up now. Pat Barker is terrific on “Wedding Music.” Now they’re doing “Old Convention Song.” Pat is just pure class. Now a quiet moment on “Gentle Shepherd.” I have to be honest, so far I’ve been kind of disappointed by the group’s blend as a whole—was hoping for more. Dustin’s voice is sticking out way too much here. Now I’m wondering if it was the mix that was part of the problem. It has to have been. In that case, my sympathies to them. Now Mark is closing with “It’s Almost Over.” He can still bring it. Man. Glorious.
Dennis Swanberg came up and was actually funny. Now it’s Voices Won. I love their sound—relaxed and smooth. “I Was There When it Happened.” Kim Hopper just cracked me up: “I don’t know if you’re related, but you sound like you are.” Uh, just three blood brothers that’s all. Ah well, it was a compliment…
Now the Whisnants are up, singing “Be Not Afraid” now. Next, “Be Ready To Leave.” I gather this is an oldie. They turned it into a “Ready” medley with a couple other songs like “Goodbye World.” Now Susan just shared a powerful testimony and is launching into “All is Well.” “I Can’t Wait To Be There” now, fun heaven song. Some other artists joined in, caught a glimpse of Michael Booth.
Now Kim is reading tomorrow’s schedule and getting interrupted by Dean…
And here are the Booth Brothers! YES! Been waiting for this all stinkin’ evening. They’re launching right into “Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet.” Suh-weeet. So pretty. *sniff* Now “Welcome To the Family.” Amazingly, they started acapella in exactly the track key. LOL! Michael just forgot the words! “And I’ve forgot the words to my part, so I’ll just make it uuuuup.” TOO FUNNY! Okay, so after that little glitch they managed to finish, and now Ronnie is singing “She Still Remembers Jesus’ Name.” This is lovely. Smooth as silk. Now Michael is being Michael, and now they’re singing “Since Jesus Came.” Warm and easy, that’s right. Not to over-use the silk analogy, but just sayin’. Silk. Ah, beautiful. They make it look so easy. Honestly, I’ve heard some pretty sloppy singing tonight, but that right there is called Blend, with a capital “B.” Now they’re doing “Trading This Old Cross.” Michael was bobbing up and down at the end.
Aw, they’re done already? Oh well. More from them later.
Christmastime now. The Crist Family is singing “Snow.” And it’s snowing. I mean they are throwing snow on each other. This is cheesy to the max. But they have a great blend. A little too great in fact. I’m wondering if they’re just lip synching. And after they finished, I’m pretty sure.
Now the emcee is coming out: “Christmas, when every child becomes an angel…” Okay, I’m out of here. Bah humbug. G’night all. Tell me about all my typos in the morning. My personal bright spots of the evening from what I saw:
James Easter’s guest appearance
Jason Crabb, his band, and the Bowling Family
Legacy Five, specifically “For What Earthly Reason”
Kelly Wright’s testimony—honest to goodness
King’s Heralds, but of course they’re always a bright spot
Mark Trammell on “It’s Almost Over”
The teeny bit I got to hear of Voices Won
Whisnants, “I Can’t Wait To Be There”
And the Booth Brothers’ set—all of it.

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  • On MTQ – yes, it was the mix. Dustin is a good soloist but a top-notch blender, and when they run their own sound, I’ve never heard him to stick out like a sore thumb.

  • I wondered. They sounded better on a hand-held concert clip with that song. Real sorry for them… bad mix is a bummer because it makes it sound like you can’t blend when you actually can.

  • 13 hours till next webcast showing, which is the showcase

  • Oh GOOD. So they will be live casting those after all. Thank goodness.

  • quartet-man

    I really enjoyed reading your take, YGG. As far as the Booths starting in the right key, it is possible they had pitches in their monitor mix.

  • AmyH

    Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself, anyway! 😆

  • steven

    I love when they do Hinson’s reunion but i agree with your assessment on Bo. I really wish they’d let weston sing

  • JJ

    “There Is a God” is a country song written by Ashley Gorley and Chris DuBois (recorded by both Austin’s Bridge and LeAnn Womack) — but the singer happened to miss enough words in the first verse that you didn’t hear the real song. Give some grace.

  • JJ

    BTW, I believe The Bowlings actually did “Tears Will Never Stain the Streets” and The Whisnants did “New Day Dawning.” (The titles you listed were lines in the songs rather than titles.)

  • It really started going downhill after Verse 1 anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Chris DuBois? Wow, lousy day for a writer of his caliber. I like how Jim Malec put it: “If ‘There Is A God’ was any more warm and fuzzy, it would be a bunny. A big, fat Easter Bunny with a basket full of clichés instead of candy.”

  • Sorry about that, I’m not familiar with either group, so I was just guessing as to the titles. Thanks for clarifying what they were.

  • Thanks q-man. And good point about the monitors. That hadn’t occurred to me.

  • I am! Sorry to have missed the Dove Brothers. Just caught them on the on demand video. Burman’s baaaaaaack. 🙂

  • TayTay

    Commentary??? Sounds like just plain ol nit pickin to me ,or sumone whos partaking in sum hateraid, Lol Im surprised You Didnt Tell Us When You Took Each Restroom Break ,Or Went To Concessions! I was there both years The Hinson Reunion sang and WoW!! Both yrs Bo and the rest of the line up blew it out of the water !!!! Why would Weston sing with The Hinson’s Reunion?? He Was Like 3 or 4 when the original group disbanded never had been a part of the original group..Everyone knows Bo was single handedly trained and mentored by Kenny for this part…Kenny did not want either of his kids near the music business due to its corruption especially he wanted to shelter them from the gospel music industry and that is a fact! O and I just want to add… the new song “With Him” The Hinson’s revealed was absolutely awesome!! ,For me and everyone i personally know that was in attendance, That was the highlight of the entire week of NQC..LOVE ME SUM HINSON’S!!!! NOooo Group Out There Compares To The Original Group Or Even The Current Group!!