NQC Hasty Notes: Song of a Lifetime Showcase

NQC Hasty Notes: Song of a Lifetime Showcase September 17, 2011

This installment will be briefer than usual. I decided to just enjoy the showcase and not blog much. But I’ll provide a song list and brief comments here and there.
Up On this Ridge, written and performed by Channing Eleton: Inspired by his mother, who he would often see “talking with God” by the fireplace, this is an upbeat take on the mental picture of praying to God. Channing brought his accordion up on stage with him!
One Holy Lamb, performed by Tribute Quartet: Phil Cross told a great story about how his co-writer Cindi Ballard got the idea for this song in a dream, and Riley Clark turned in a PHENOMENAL performance. Standing ovation from all the writers and the audience.

He’s Everything I Need, performed by the Kingsmen: Joe Habedank introduced it. The Kingsmen encored it twice and got a great response.
Hear My Heart, performed by Sheri Easter: Sheri shared about how when she was going through chemo for her breast cancer, Wayne Haun and Joel Lindsey went through her notes together with her and found two slips of paper with what became the chorus to the song. Joel, who had also battled cancer, came up with the beginning verse. Sheri performed it movingly.
Preach the Word, performed by Gold City:  Writer Jim E. Davis set this up great, saying that when he brought the chorus to his wife, she said, “That’s good, I like that. Don’t mess up the verses.” He comes from a family of preachers, and the tradition has been carried on. Dan Keeton delivered a powerful vocal with Gold City. It was not as strong as it could have been, but he carried it well, and people were standing before the end.
Hands of Grace, performed by the Talleys: Tony Wood is one of my favorite Christian writers, and he got up to introduce this song. He said Jim Brady had the song title, and immediately Tony’s mind went back to some photographs his daughter had taken of Tony’s grandmother’s hands. It inspired the song’s focus on Jesus’ hands and all the people he had touched with them. Great story.
When You Bow At Jesus’ Feet, performed by Jim Brady: Jim wrote this song by himself and had the Booth Brothers there to back him up. Their mikes were deliberately turned down, and they stood back aways behind him to let him carry it. I wouldn’t have minded it if they had been a little more present, but it was nice for them to intentionally give him the main spotlight as the writer. I hope they do this on mainstage tonight.
We Will Stand Our Ground, performed by the Kingdom Heirs: Dianne Wilkinson came out and said:  “I’d rather be an old-time Christian than anything I know.” She then spoke about how the devil “hates old-time Christians” because we have the truth. “So he’s scared of us, y’all.” She had everybody standing before the song had even begun! The Kingdom Heirs came out and knocked it out of the park. My one complaint is that Arthur Rice was miked so loud that he drowned out Jerry Martin, which means we lost the melody towards the end. However, everyone was on their feet before it was over. A tremendous moment.
Side Effects, performed by Tim Lovelace: “This’ll be in your hymn books next month.” Maybe not? 😆 Mark Bishop afterwards: “Wow what do you say? So many places you could go with that.”
My Name is Jesus, Mark Bishop: Something feels off about this song, but it was neat to see various guest vocalists up there to “play” the various roles in the song. Bill Shivers sang Ivan Parker’s part as Peter and did a great job, but it was Lauren Talley who really stole the show and got people standing by the end.
Fall On My Knees, performed by the Browders
Another Child’s Coming Home, performed by Chris Allman and Jeremy Medkiff: This may have been my favorite moment. Chris said that this was the song God sang over him during a time when Chris was wandering. He did it completely unplugged with Jeremy Medkiff—Chris had a guitar, and Jeremy had a guitar. Very simple and tasteful.
Almost Home, performed by Triumphant: Scotty said his wife told him to put this on the new Triumphant record, and we’re very glad she did!
Do You Love Me, performed by Sisters: Phil Cross introduced this powerfully by saying this was his heart’s cry at the age of eleven, when he wondered if God really loved him. He said that out of all the songs he’s written, this one means the most to him. I was unfamiliar with the song and was deeply moved by Sisters’ performance. Just wow.
No Longer Chained, performed by Greater Vision
Redemption Draweth Nigh, performed by Greater Vision: Gordon Jensen told a great story about how this song came to be. As a very young writer, he took it to a major group, and when they heard the line “war and strife on every hand, and violence fills the land,” they said it would never work. “People are trying to get their minds OFF of war and strife.” Gordon was totally crushed and almost threw it away. But when Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys heard it, he told Gordon that even though it wasn’t an ORB song, it would become a timeless classic. They took another song Gordon had written and said it might be a hit for a few years, but this one was going to last and last. Duane was absolutely right. Gerald Wolfe sang it very powerfully, although my favorite version will always be the one Ernie Haase did for a Homecoming.
I was very glad I caught this showcase, and I’d encourage anyone who’s got the webcast to go find it and watch it On Demand. There were some great songs sung and stories shared. I actually enjoyed it more than I’ve enjoyed some of the NQC mainstage stuff this week!

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  • So excited Jim Davis was able to take part in this showcase! Preach The Word is an awesome song! Jim is a great writer!! He does come from a wonderful family heritage. The Davis Family are great friends of ours.
    The song sang by Fire In The Choir early in the week, What The World Needs Now, is also written by Jim Davis.
    http://www.boggsblogs com

  • Thank you Odie, I didn’t know that! It is indeed a really great song, one of Gold City’s best. I really enjoyed the Fire in the Choir song too! How cool that his family are friends of your family.

  • Lydia McGrew

    Thanks YGG for the reference to Ernie’s Homecoming performance of “Redemption Draweth Nigh.” I’d never seen it before and just found it on Youtube. It’s wonderful, and as usual it adds a special meaning to see people like Jake Hess and Howard Goodman behind the youthful Ernie as he sings. Inspiring performance and reminds me of all the times I heard this song when young. For some reason back then I used to hear people occasionally change the words of the chorus to “there’s a brand new excitement in the air,” but I also seem to recall that they didn’t do that consistently. Sometimes they sang “brand new feeling,” which evidently is the way it’s written.

  • You’re welcome. I loved hearing Gordon tell the story behind that! It’s heartening for young writers to hear. He was only 18 years old, can you believe it?

  • quartet-man

    Well it might not have been an “Oak Ridge Boys” song, but they did record it and I think it did well for them.

  • You’re right. I misunderstood him. He seemed to be saying that the Oak Ridge Boys hadn’t done it, but you’re right that they did.

  • quartet-man

    Finally you acknowledge my “rightness”, now if we could just do so on other things. 😉 The song was actually part of the Oak Ridge Boys’ publishing company too. Duane was and still is big on songs and their importance in careers. He built up a stable or writers and songs and I suspect gave him his first chance.

  • Riley Clark had a pretty decent week…

  • YGG, Odie didn’t mention that Jim E. Davis is the Music Minister at Riverdale Assembly where we recorded our live album. He is a very talented song writer and I am so glad for him to be included in the showcase.