It's Just My (Second) Opinion: NQC 2011 CD/DVD Song Selection

It's Just My (Second) Opinion: NQC 2011 CD/DVD Song Selection December 2, 2011

If you’re not already reading Fuson’s Findings, let me encourage you to check it out. It’s a regular new blog by a new blogger who loves the music and has good insights. He recently started a column called “It’s Just My Opinion,” in which he shares candid IMHOs about southern gospel-related things he’d rather were done differently.
I decided to give him a little support for his most recent one, which is an honest (though very courteous) complaint about the projected track listing for this year’s NQC collection. After looking it over, I have to agree with Brian that it could have been much better. While some of the selections are great and deserve to be on there, many major artists were left off, and a few that were included were featured with songs that didn’t stand out.

Here is the list as it’s shaping up now:
Tracks Include:
Kingdom Heirs – No Bones About It
Ivan Parker – Twenty-Four Hours A Day
Collingsworth Family – The Resurrection Morn
Kingsmen – He’s Everything I Need – That’s All I Need
Crist Family – I Love Lovin’ Jesus
Jeff & Sheri Easter – Hear My Heart
Tribute Quartet – Homecoming Day
Dove Brothers – I Recall
Talleys – The Broken Ones
Hoppers – All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
Mark Bishop – My Name Is Jesus
Greater Vision – You Were Faithful Yesterday
Legacy Five – Thankful for the Change
Triumphant Quartet – Almost Home
Bonus Features:
The Dixie Melody Boys Celebrate 50 Years
Antioch Church House Choir
Greater Vision – Looking for a Tenor (aka Looking for a City)
The Perry’s Birthday Surprise! I Wish I Could Have Been There
Laughin’ With The Swan
Dennis Swanberg
This is NQC!
Right away you notice that Crossroads artists make up a huge percentage of the featured names. Is this a bad thing? It needn’t be… if they were legitimate highlights of the whole convention. The problem is that not all of them were.
Let’s go down the list in order, starting with the Kingdom Heirs. Why not include “We Will Stand Our Ground” instead of “No Bones About It?” It could have been sound or mix issues, but in that case I would say the Kingdom Heirs should maybe be replaced with another artist, because that song was the main highlight of their appearance. But I’ll assume “We Will Stand Our Ground” was doable and say that song should have been included instead.
Right away, the Crist Family and Ivan Parker selections jump out at me as huge head-scratchers. (I know, this is jumping out of order, sorry). They didn’t stand out in any way. I would cut them both and replace with them with, say, the Booth Brothers’ “She Still Remembers Jesus’ Name” and the Gaither Vocal Band’s “He is Here.”
Collingsworth Family: I’d definitely leave this one on.
The Kingsmen’s new single is a solid song. It’s not one I’m dying to cross out, but I’d be inclined to replace it with Gold City’s “I’m Rich,” because it was Craig West’s first and last appearance on NQC mainstage, and he nailed it.
The Easters, “Hear My Heart”: I’d probably leave this one. However, I’d be more inclined to feature James Easter’s guest appearance on “Thank You Lord For Blessing Me.”
Tribute Quartet, “Homecoming Day”: Yeah, keep this. Great moment, great showcase of young talent.
Dove Brothers, “I Recall”: Well, since this featured Burman Porter upon his return, one might be inclined to keep this, but I’m sure something better could have taken its place (plus there’s the Jonathan Price situation). What about something by the Mark Trammell Quartet, like “That’s Enough For Me To Know,” or “Echoes From the Burning Bush” or “Statue of Liberty?”
The Talleys’ “The Broken Ones” was of course a good performance of a hit song, but it didn’t particularly stand out as a memorable moment of NQC 2011, even though the Talleys were debuting a new lineup. I’d replace it with the Dixie Echoes’ “I Am a Pilgrim.” They also had a new lineup, and that particular number doubles as great comedy because Stewart Varnado was doing funny stuff with nothing to do as the pianist.
The Hoppers, “All Hail the Power”: Again, good music sung well, but I’d replace it with something else. How about “Well Done, Well Done,” Kim’s tribute to Tony Greene? That was a great moment.
Mark  Bishop, “My Name is Jesus”: You know, even though I personally would probably replace this with something else, it was a significant moment at NQC and featured a good lineup of artists (even though the mix was terrible—I bet there was a lot of over-dubbing on this one).
Greater Vision, “You Were Faithful Yesterday”: I don’t get this at all. Replace this with “I Know a Man Who Can!”
Legacy Five, “Thankful for the Change”: Well, okay, I’ve loaded this up with ballads, so I might keep this fast-paced number. But personally, I’d lean towards featuring Gus’s performance of “For What Earthly Reason.” He was a little hoarse, but it was a really good performance of a great song.
Triumphant Quartet, “Almost Home”: Can’t argue with this selection. Great new song and great performance.
Bonus Features: Cut the Swan and replace him. With what or how much I’m not sure, since I don’t know how long the segment is, but I’d go for a few choice picks from the GVB Reunion showcase, or maybe Squire Parsons and friends singing “Beulah Land,” the whole thing (as opposed to the snippet featured in the montage).
What do you think? Would you be more inclined to buy an NQC 2011 compilation with this lineup of songs? Here it is in more graphic form:
Kingdom Heirs – No Bones About It [Replace with “We Will Stand Our Ground”]
Ivan Parker – Twenty-Four Hours A Day  [Replace with Booth Brothers, “She Still Remembers Jesus’ Name”]

*Collingsworth Family – The Resurrection Morn
Kingsmen – He’s Everything I Need (That’s All I Need) [Tentative cross-out. Possibly replace with Gold City, “I’m Rich?”]

Crist Family – I Love Lovin’ Jesus [Replace with Gaither Vocal Band, “He is Here”]

*Jeff & Sheri Easter – Hear My Heart [Tentative cross-out, possibly replace with “Thank You Lord?”]

*Tribute Quartet – Homecoming Day
*Dove Brothers – I Recall  [Replace with something by the Mark Trammell Quartet.]
Talleys – The Broken Ones [Replace with the Dixie Echoes, “I Am a Pilgrim”]

Hoppers – All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name [Replace with “Well Done, Well Done”]

*Mark Bishop – My Name Is Jesus
Greater Vision – You Were Faithful Yesterday [Replace with “I Know a Man Who Can”]
*Legacy Five – Thankful for the Change
*Triumphant Quartet – Almost Home
Bonus Features:
The Dixie Melody Boys Celebrate 50 Years [I didn’t watch this showcase. Was it any good?]
Antioch Church House Choir [I think this is the choir Wilburn & Wilburn sang with. Am I wrong? A bonus feature about them might be really neat.]
*Greater Vision – Looking for a Tenor (aka Looking for a City) [An obvious keeper.]
*The Perry’s Birthday Surprise! I Wish I Could Have Been There [Ditto.]
Laughin’ With The Swan Dennis Swanberg [Replace with something, anything. Maybe a choice pick or so from the GVB Reunion Showcase, or perhaps “Beulah Land” with Squire Parsons and friends.]
This is NQC! [Well, this montage is about the only way we’re getting to see even snippets of some of NQC’s actual highlights, so we need it!]

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  • Thank You for the recommendation, and I agree with your assesment as well. After I posted my article, I had heard from some that the reason the Booths weren’t included was because they sang last most nights, and the crowd was low, and NQC doesn’t want people to think nobody was there when one of the elite groups was singing. If they knew attendance would be low towards the end of the night, they should have scheduled them earlier. If their record company wouldn’t allow it, thats one thing, but I don’t really buy that excuse.
    The main point of both these articles is this disc & dvd should represent the best groups and moments of the week. In my opinion, The only songs that are dead on in that assumption is Almost Home by Triumphant & Resurrection Morn by The Collingsworth’s.

  • Actually, the low crowd had already occurred to me as a possible excuse. But I completely agree with you—they should have thought of that ahead of time.
    I think I would agree with you about “Almost Home” and “Resurrection Morn,” though I actually think “Homecoming Day” is a key inclusion as well.

  • Oh yeah, and the Gaither Vocal Band performed at the beginning on their night, so maybe the crowds looked low then too. Well, again, SORRY. IT WAS A HIGHLIGHT!

  • Andrew

    I’m curious as to why you think that Craig West should be included even though he left GCQ but you question the wisdom of including Jonathan Price because he left DBQ.

  • Circumstances were radically different. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Andrew

    Both were noted as “personal reasons.”

  • Same with MTQ (Joel Wood)

  • The Dixie Melody Boys showcase was “the moment” this year for me personally. If they aren’t on mainstage next year, it will be a shock.

  • No. You don’t understand. Besides, that’s inaccurate. Craig went into detail about how he wanted to be able to spend quality time with his little boy, and he happened to be offered his old job back at the same time. The press release for Jonathan Price left it at “personal issues,” period. Granted not many are privy to the details, but a few are.

  • Again, that was explicitly explained as a matter of family, and Mark Trammell even talked about how pleased he was that this was a completely friendly transition with no “dirt” to speak of.

  • Andrew

    Perhaps this is one of those times when some people fancy themselves as being “in the know” while the rest of us take leadership’s words at face value and assume them to be accurate. Jonathan’s bio (still up on the DBQ website) notes that he wishes that he could spend more time with his wife and family as well.

  • You can’t assume that since the press release didn’t go into as much detail that circumstances of his leaving the road were “radically different”

  • But I know that they were from sources other than the press release. Besides, I maintain that the extreme suddenness of the departure and frank brevity of the press release should have made it obvious that there were problems involved totally unlike what was freely and openly discussed with the West and Wood departures.

  • You’ll have to take my word for it. I have direct info to the effect that it was a really bad situation that I’m sure NOBODY wanted to talk about in detail, and rightly so.

  • Incidentally, I’ve only had a casual liking for the Dove Brothers and thought virtually nothing about Jonathan one way or the other until his departure, so it’s not like I have something against him and I’m on a mission to tear him down. I just happened to acquire direct, credible info about the circumstances. Don’t shoot the messenger!

  • Andrew

    Still not following entirely. In the absence of official information to the contrary, we should assume the worst? Or trust anonymous internet sources?

  • No. My sources weren’t anonymous.
    Look, I’m like you in that I like to assume the best. I don’t spread gossip about things where I don’t know for sure. Here, I can say with certainty, based on reliable info, that Price’s departure was not at all like Craig West’s.

  • Olaneljonoisle

    A few years ago, at, an executive at Crossroads posted an explanation into the song selection for the NQC live DVD/CD’s. From what I remember the biggest issue was what songs were currently released as singles to radio and for the GVB, their record company wouldn’t play ball.
    As far as not having the Dove Brothers on because of the Jonathan Price issue, at the time of the convention he was a member of the group. Why he left afterward shouldn’t be a reason to keep their performance off the recording. If that were the logical thing to do then the Dove Brothers should pull their Live cd out of circulation since he is on there as well.
    Would you have expected Bill Gaither to stop selling all the GVB’s recordings at the time that Michael English admitted his affair and returned his Dove awards?
    And it shouldn’t be a surprise that most of the artists are Crossroads artist, they are producing the recording.

  • Brent

    The Antioch Church House choir should be the song that the Dixie Melody Boys sang…..

  • Lets be very careful that this does not turn into a gossip session about Jonathan Price. I don’t know if he’s done anything, or what he’s done, but this is not the place to speculate about it. Lets pray for him and his family and ask the Lord to work in their lives.

  • I’ll have to see if I can find that post. It would be an interesting read in this context. I personally think it’s terrible to make radio single-hood the main criterion for inclusion on these compilations. NQC isn’t about radio singles. It’s about high quality music and memorable moments, which may or may not involve singles. But then again, nobody asked me.
    Yes, I realize that Price was a member at the time, and you’ll notice that I did not make that particular reason a big deal in my original post. It was only when a commentator pressed me (and tried to draw comparisons to Craig West) that I said more. No, I don’t think the Dove Brothers should pull their live DVD, but that’s a completely different context from being considered for a compilation project, with other good artists jostling for that time.
    No, I suppose it’s not exactly a surprise that most of the artists are Crossroads, but that wasn’t the point.

  • I’m sorry about that Brian. Honestly, I really didn’t want it to turn into that (and even considered not mentioning Jonathan at all for that very reason), but I was pushed, and I wanted to make a clear distinction from Craig West since they got compared. Like I said, I don’t gossip, but in this particular case I’m not just speculating. But Andrew, if you could please leave off at this point that would be good, because I’d like to make this my last comment on the subject. Let’s move on folks.

  • Here’s a link to the guest post that Chris White (Crossroads) made at Daniel’s site back in 2009 after a similar discussion occurred over there:

  • Thank you Scot! That was a very interesting and enlightening read. Although I still disagree with aspects of the decision process, I do sympathize more with Crossroads now that I have a fuller picture. I find it particularly odd that GVB and EHSS refuse to cooperate with their footage.

  • Every time I do a fast scroll down, I keep thinking “Laughing With The Swain” says either “Laughing With Swain” or “Laughing At Swain.” Either way, I don’t remember any cameras following me at NQC and I’m not that funny anyway! And the second one just ain’t nice! 😉

  • LOL. You didn’t even spell it correctly the time you meant to spell it correctly. 🙂

  • Amy Herrera

    The article on SGB was really good and enlightening. I opened up the comments to recommend it to you, but when I saw there were already 26 comments, I figured someone would have beaten me to it. 😀

  • Awww, man!
    Well, I guess at least one person is “Laughing At Swain” now!