Tim Hawkins On Overly Long Songs

Tim Hawkins On Overly Long Songs February 22, 2012

Whenever I feel physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually drained, good comedy really helps lift my spirits. I felt that way last night, and I was searching for some Tim Hawkins clips I’d never seen before. Among many others, I came up with this, in which he abridges some classic (but lengthy) songs—specifically, into a single verse apiece:

He should do this with “American Pie,” or anything by Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan… come to think of it, most folk or Western ballads could probably use the Tim Hawkins treatment. And there may be a few southern gospel songs that could use trimming too… Any other suggestions? 🙂

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  • K. Payne

    Very funny guy. Looks a little like Robert Plant.

  • Jordan P

    The Anchor Holds! That is such a long song.

  • He’s Alive?

  • Two classics: I Have Returned & Hallelujah Square
    “I Have Returned” seemed like it went on forever.

  • I’m gonna throw another one out there. Don’t crucify me folks: “I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy.”

  • You’ll get no argument from me! This opinion is probably unpopular, but I fluctuate between mildly disliking and completely detesting that song.

  • Oh goodie! All two of us should form a club or something. 🙂
    I’ve always thought the Cathedrals’ “I Want to See Jesus” was an underrated but vastly superior song along similar lines. Maybe it doesn’t hurt that I much prefer Ernie Haase’s voice to Michael English’s.

  • Beth

    Okay, the Tim Hawkins link just provided a bunch of good belly laughs on lunch hour today. Thanks!

  • You’re welcome! And it just now occurred to me that there are a lot of related Tim Hawkins videos that are showing up there at the end, so you may have gotten more belly laughs than you bargained for when you clicked “play” on this one video. 🙂

  • Right there wid ya on that one…

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