Monday Morning Humor: Should Be a Parody But Isn't

Monday Morning Humor: Should Be a Parody But Isn't August 20, 2012

Oh dear.

Honest, people really think this guy is amazing. Sometimes they give him money. Here’s another specimen, only slightly less hilarious.
I’m putting this up for a laugh, but in all seriousness it’s rather tragicomic. A generation is growing up that no longer understands what art is and isn’t. That’s a sad thing. It’s also somewhat of a teaser for tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned…

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  • HUH!!!! This is awful!! He’s a little hypnotizing though, so that must be how he gets his money. I need some good old fashioned SG to clear my head.

  • LOL! I’d be grateful for anything even resembling music. 😀
    He seems like one of these well-intentioned, self-styled prophet types. He’s very big on bringing the church together, social justice, diversity, peace, etc., etc. There’s lots of anti-war rhetoric and such in his work. Funny, I have yet to see a poem of his about abortion or euthanasia.

  • Lydia

    I couldn’t finish. Bad T.S. Eliot unintentional parody meets rap. Or something. Simply unbearable. But funny, in a sad way.

  • Actually, interesting you should say that. If you click to the other one, it’s less sensorially oppressive (spoken word versus rap), and even more (bad) T. S. Eliot-feeling. It’s called “I Believe in Scripture,” and he does a lot of stuff with the idea of “words,” even getting “Annunciation” in there. I have to believe he’s read Eliot at some point. Unfortunately, he looks ridiculous, and he doesn’t have Eliot’s discipline. Here’s a sample from the other one. You’ll see what I mean:
    In the beginning there were words
    For no sky nor dirt
    Rocks nor birds
    Heaven nor earth
    Death nor birth
    Had been given the proper syllabification
    So nothing physical had yet entered creation
    But despite the lacking of material manifestation
    There did hang one true annunciation
    Words of God
    Spoken Script
    Speaking Scripture
    Holy writ
    The Writing Builder
    Building mountains out of nouns
    Plants and herbs from active verbs
    Planting nations in punctuation
    Preparing solar positions with prepositions
    Nature’s narrative rich with adjectives
    Man was dust and needed an additive
    So God added his imperative
    Impairing the dust of its ability to be sedative
    The breath of life, a word that made dirt our relative

  • Lydia

    Oh, dear. I sense the ghost of a bad, well-intentioned, indulgent English teacher somewhere in this young man’s past. Someone whose real job was, metaphorically, to slap him around a little bit and who instead told him he was deep and wonderful and must keep writing.