NQC 2012 Hasty Notes: Monday Night

NQC 2012 Hasty Notes: Monday Night September 10, 2012

I’m writing down my thoughts as they come, just like last year, but I’ll just be able to do a little less this year because I’m a bit busier. 😀 But here is what I caught of Monday night… typos and all…

I came in at the tail end of the Collingsworth family’s set. They sang “At Calvary” and Jerry Goff said he was “just about to have a Pentecostal spell.” Courtney has curled her hair and looks beautiful!

Coincidentally I had to go just as the McKameys showed up… 🙂 (Really! I did!)
It’s 8:35 now and I’m back with the Whisnants! Jeff’s doing intros now. Susan had a birthday (29, “plus shippin’ and handlin.'”) Now she’s singing “The Potter’s Hand,” by request. I haven’t seen much of the Whisnants, just NQC 2011 basically, but they seem like really genuine people. Now for some “old songs.” First, “Ready to Leave.”
Now they’re singing a medley, and I just learned that Christian Davis is filling in for Soul’d Out tonight! Sweet!
Now Jerry is introducing them! Bryan is singing “Uncloudy Day.” I really like this syncopated arrangement. Bryan’s mic wasn’t on at first… oops. And um, Christian? About that hair…
Matt Rankin’s voice blends pretty well with Bryan’s. Now they’re moving right into “Maker of the Rain.” Just piano, very classy. I think Dusty Barrett is an underrated tenor. He reminds me of Gus Gaches. This song works even better acoustic, IMO. I like the way Howard just let Dusty sing a bit acapella there.
Now they’re doing “We’ll Soon Be Done.” Christian Davis is getting to show off a bit on this one. 🙂 Maybe it’s just my insatiable thirst for bass singing, but I can’t hear him as loudly as I’d like. MORE COWBELL, I mean MORE CHRISTIAN DAVIS.
Lynda Randle is up now, singing “Til the Storm Passes By.” I secretly envy her low range.
They just played the “old lady and the airbag” clip. I have a strange sense of deja vou… maybe it’s because they played this last year too. 😆
Hoppers are up now, opening with “Count Me In,” off their new record. Now Claude is singing “If I Can Help Somebody.” Just now, he shared a powerful story about a bracelet he sometimes gives out at concerts that says “God loves you. He always has, and He always will.” One night he gave it to a girl, and the pastor came and told him later “You don’t realize what you’ve just done,” and it turned out that she had been raped twice. But that simple message gave her back her sense of self-worth.
Now they’re singing a new song, “He Carried Me.” This is really beautiful. Now, DBM predicted they would do either “Jerusalem” or “Yahweh.” Aaaaand, it’s “Yahweh.” This song is so cool. I love watching Mike Hopper on the drums.
Gerald is up now announcing that Dr. Stanley will be unable to do his showcase on Saturday morning, but he’s put together a Jubilee showcase instead! 10:30! Be there gang!
And here they are, singing “Sing Me a Song About Jesus.” This will showcase Matt Fouch. Trey Ivey did a great little piano solo. Now for just the Three Tenors. “Treasures in Heaven.” Michael is singing the low part. I loved Chris on this one!
Now they’re gathering around the piano with a “dream quartet” (Chris, Jim, Scott, Matt) and live piano/bass. It’s “Wedding Music!!!” We’ll get to hear Matt do his stuff on this classic! They finally got his mike on too. Just in time. And… Matt knocked it out of the park ladies and gents. Channeling a little George there. Wow, and Chris always, always nails his part. I want his secret for how he keeps his voice eternally fresh and energetic. Oh, and Michael Booth was on drums. He said he “beat the devil out of them.” 😆
Now Matt is hamming it up on “Beautiful Home.” Tenor power on the ending! Fortunately they stopped, so as to save something for Saturday. I can’t wait. Now L5 is up by themselves. (Michael introduced by saying “Now here’s the best… [long pause], well, here’s L5.” Ha!
Singing “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Now Scott just introduced Matt singing “I’ve Been Changed.” Yay. Hard to believe this is just his 6th night, he fits like a glove, so smooth and charismatic. We’re all commenting on how happy he looks. This must be a dream come true for him! L5 made a huge find with Gus and now Matt. Singing “I’m Still Amazed.” Very solid live number, a highlight of their latest album.
Now they’re closing(?) with “We Shall See Jesus,” and Matt totally killed his solo. By the end Ronnie Booth was fist-pumping in the audience. L5 will probably be the highlight of the night. Matt is sure to win Horizon Individual.
Jerry Goff just gave a questionable history of the Talleys (so jumbled I can’t even recreate it), and they’re opening with “We Want to Thank You” from their new project. And Brian is missing!! Brian! Brian, you’re my favorite member. How could you? Okay, just learned he’s in college. I sympathize. 🙁
Now “There’s a Promise Coming Down That Dusty Road,” and Gerald Wolfe and Jim Brady are both here in the chat room with us!! We’re talking about the new Pigeon Forge venue. Donna Wolfe just said that she hoped they build “big women’s bathrooms.” We all gave her some ribbing about the double meaning. 😀
The Talleys finished with “He’s Alive,” and now the Perrys are up singing “I’ve Got a Home,” a brand new song. Someone in the chat room said she dreamed she was singing with the Perrys last night. We asked her how she did and she says she rocked the house. Don’t we all in our dreams. 😀 Now they’re singing a new song, “Praise You Through the Night.” It’s the title song from an upcoming new CD. If this is a taste of what’s to come it will be awesome! Now Bryan is taking the lead on “One of These Mornings,” yet another brand new song. We’re talking about how awesome the Perrys are, and Brandom Coomer just announced he’s never cared for “I Wish I Could Have Been There.” We’re throwing virtual rotten tomatoes at him.
Tracy just said a few words. He says he’s sick and tired of hearing about the election. AMEN BROTHA! Now they’re closing with “If You Knew Him.” We’re a little behind schedule, maybe because the Jubilee set got a few extra minutes?
The Booth Brothers are up now, opening with “There’s Something About That Name.” A nice, jazzy opener. And I just remembered I should have told Jim to change his tie. It’s green, and his hankie is blue/orange/yellow. Hmmmm. Oh well, I was busy putting a word in his ear to stage “New Shoes” and re-stage “Just Beyond the River Jordan.”
Next “He Saw it All,” now “I Played in the Band.” YAY. I love this one live. Then Michael had some moving words about being honest with God in those moments when we can’t handle what life gives us. They’re singing “Let the Healing Begin” to close the set. How beautiful. Michael just closed in prayer.
And that wraps up the first night of NQC! It’s gonna be a good week. Stay tuned for more. 🙂

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  • I can’t be there fort obvious reasons (being half a world away, lol) so thanks for these updates! I love to read them!

  • You’re welcome. I’m half a country away, so I love the webcast. option. 🙂

  • Will have to pay attention to the chat tonight! Sounds I missed some fun stuff! Loved watching the webcast as well! Jubilee, Legacy Five and the Perrys were my top three favorites!

  • I think they were everyone’s top three favorites!

  • Brigitte

    I think you missed the Browns instrumental??? they played exactly the same song last year…. lol it just kind of made me laugh 🙂 it is beautiful though! I will be busy like every day this week now with school activities so I’m mostly watching the stuff from previous nights.

  • I did, I had an evening lecture that day. 🙁 That’s funny that they played the same song. They might want to consider widening their repertoire like the Collingsworths. 🙂
    I know, I’m just lucky I have a relatively light schedule this year. My new job is still cutting out some options though.