NQC Hasty Notes: Tuesday Night

NQC Hasty Notes: Tuesday Night September 11, 2012

Here’s the latest installment! Enjoy…
I caught Debra Perry and Jaiden’s Call singing a pretty slow song called “God is There in the Waiting Room,” accompanied by a music video that could have been better. Now a quartet called the Woodsmen Quartet. Their sound is okay but this island-flavored song just isn’t doing it for them. One of them attempted a tongue trill. Sorry, that’s Guy Penrod’s bag.

Back at 6:46, and this is the Dixie Melody Boys with Jason Crabb singing “God Will Hear Your Prayer.” It’s good to see Matt Felts! Now they’re rocking it on “Jesus in My Boat.” Mike Rogers is having a great time!
Now it’s the Mark Trammell Quartet, WOO-HOO! They just blew the roof off with a Lari Goss arrangement of “I Sing the Mighty Power of God.” Now Eric is taking the lead on “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus,” also from Lifetime. Dustin Sweatman is playing piano (nice way to send him off). Pat is stealing the show on “Wonderful Time Up There.” We’re trying to imagine what he would look like with one of those little moustaches.
Mark just had the crowd give a shout-out to Clarke Beasley, who’s recuperating with his hip. Awwww, and Mark just brought his (sound asleep) baby grand-daughter Tessa to the stage and introduced her, with an adorable pink dress. He said, “Let me tell you, when I first started out singing, I made less per week than what the dress cost.”
Now they’re singing “Statue of Liberty” in honor of the veterans. Schedule is moving along a little early. The Bowlings are up and I have to go, which is too bad because I like the Bowlings.
Bopping in very briefly at about ten til 9, they just played a video about William Cowper, and now Kim Hopper is singing “There is a Fountain” with Kim Collingsworth on piano. Wow, what a great moment! I love hearing Kim singing in this sweeter tone of hers. Ahhhhhh, Taranda is joining her! Awesomeness x2! And now Kim Collingsworth is joining in. Oh my word, a trio. Oh, this is too amazing.
Okay, I have to go for another hour but I am sure glad I bopped in for THAT. Meanwhile, it looks to me like Trey Ivey is getting set to play fro Brian Free & Assurance. I’ll look forward to catching that tomorrow through On Demand.
Okay, so I was in a meeting and missed BFA, now I’m back watching Triumphant Quartet. They’re singing “Let’s All Stand For America.” Clayton closed with prayer, and now Gold City is up! Jerry Pelfrey is singing “I Have an Anchor.” He is so good. This is the first time I’ve gotten a really close look at him. Brian Elliott tearing it up on keys. Now they’re doing “It Won’t Be Long.” I’m a little tired of this one by now, but I still love the music. “You can’t stand up for right against you stand up against the wrong.” Now “God’s Building a Church.” Truthfully, we’re hoping for something new later this week. Not that these songs are bad, we’ve just heard them over, and over, and over… Okay, finally a new song, “Lord of Life.” Jerry really sang his heart out. Now “When He Blessed My Soul.”
I think that was the last song and now they’re playing the “That’s My King” clip. Dude, the recycled videos have to GO. Seriously, they should ask us bloggers to put together a list of vintage clips for in-between viewing.
Okay, we’re having a fierce debate about all-time greatest bass singers in the chat room (last year it was GVB lineup, now this), and meanwhile Greater Vision is up singing “Champion of Love.” Gerald is getting excited as always. Now “He’d Still Been God.” We’re discussing the grammatically correct way to make the title right.  Gerald made everyone laugh by grumbling about being the last group on. He said, “It’s bad enough when you have to go last, but it’s really bad when you’re a trio and you’re following three quartets.”
Around this point I had to cut out for a meeting, so I missed the finale. My highlights from tonight were the Mark Trammell Quartet’s set and the Kim/Kim/Taranda trio on “There is a Fountain.” Let me know what yours were if you’re watching! Good night all.

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