GaitherVevo: What's Lady Gaga Doing Next to My Gaithers?

GaitherVevo: What's Lady Gaga Doing Next to My Gaithers? February 14, 2013

A commentator or two have read my own mind and posted complaints in a previous thread regarding Gaither’s move to create and put officially approved content on a Vevo page. This is something I’ve been planning to discuss myself.
On one hand, I don’t want to diss Gaither Vevo too loudly, since they are making a generous amount of high def. content available for viewers to enjoy. There’s a wealth of material from numerous homecomings and videos, much more than you’ll find other music companies publicly offering. For that, I’m grateful.

Unfortunately, Vevo controls its own wallpaper and “featured” videos which may show up in the sidebar as you’re trying to enjoy your dose of Gaithers. Needless to say, these are often in very bad taste, and may sometimes even contain foul language in the song titles alone. One can try to go to full screen to escape, but some computers will lower the picture quality or slow down considerably in response. In any case, that’s not the sort of the thing one should be forced to think about or deal with when you’re simply browsing Youtube for gospel music.
What makes this doubly awkward is that in conjunction with creating this official channel, EMI has been systematically removing Gaither clips uploaded by other Youtube users on their non-Vevo accounts. This means that if one previously had the option of directing a friend to a non-Vevo link for a given video (with no ugly wallpaper and profane related videos to distract), that option is no longer available.
I realize that there are copyright issues here, and my intent is not to get into the thick of all that. But I think it’s fair to say that if the way you’re circulating your clips makes  it harder for people to watch and enjoy, you may be better off from a marketing perspective leaving unofficially posted clips alone.
Just a thought for the higher-up who’s probably not reading this.

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  • Saved Girl

    I already posted my thoughts in the other post, but I thought of something else along the copyright thread. Has anyone else had the experience of being at a Gaither concert and being told quite emphatically that you are NOT to use any video recording device during the concert? They announced that at the last concert I went to. Are they also trying to control the Youtube content that way? It was a little frustrating since I had a new camera with me that I wanted to try out. And I was too far back to take decent pictures without a flash, and I couldn’t do that without really annoying the person next to me.
    Also, as quartet-man pointed out, it may be that Gaither didn’t actually make the decision about the youtube channel; it may have been EMI. I guess that could then raise the question of whether it is wise to go through a secular company if they are going to make those kinds of decisions.
    I think you are right about the marketing part. And oddly enough, youtube used to try to match its ads to some extent to the content of the video being played. You would think that they would try to match the background ads to the content of the channel if they really wanted to do some good.

  • Lydia McGrew

    The moral content issue is very disturbing, and I would think it has been bothering a lot of other fans. If this is going to be an issue, couldn’t the Gaither official channel be on Godtube instead? Or could they put it on vimeo?
    My recommendation would be that fans of Gaither music write and earnestly ask them to do all within their power to get their distribution company (this is EMI, I assume) to put their official channel on a different venue. How are parents going to feel free showing children these videos or searching the Gaither channel when kids are around? This is really contrary to the atmosphere of the music and the fans, and I think the fans should speak up loud and clear.
    Sure, putting it on another venue might get fewer hits, but so what? Another idea could be for them to have more than one official channel and to have a channel on a better venue as well as on Vevo.

  • Yes, I think so. However, they said exactly the same thing when I went to see the Broadway production of _Les Miserables_. It seems like a normal thing.
    I think quartet-man is right. Artists often don’t have as much say in these matters as one could wish.

  • Oddly I haven’t heard anyone else complain about it other than the two commentators in the last thread.
    Putting the channel on Godtube might be better, but nobody ever does that. I guess it’s easier to share things via Youtube. Vevo is just the place where official companies go—it’s where artists put up official music videos and everything. It’s sad.

  • Lydia McGrew

    It looks to me like Gaither has two official playlists. One is not Vevo (or doesn’t appear to be) and has Gaither pictures on the wallpaper. It’s called “the Gaither official channel” or something like that. But it has only 36 videos. The other, which has 200 videos, is the Gaither Vevo channel. When I go to the Vevo, I just get black behind the videos. I don’t see any wallpaper. Perhaps this is because I have ad blocking software in Chrome. However, there is something called “Vevo Mixed Bag” down in the right-hand corner, and it’s obvious that that could be anything and could be offensive if that were what Vevo wanted to put up. The “suggestions” from Youtube below that are all Gospel and appear to be based on my recent browsing history. Anyway, if indeed my ad block is getting rid of some objectionable content in the background, let’s hear it for ad block.
    I still think viewers should let Gaither music know of their concerns about the uncontrolled Vevo videos on the side.

  • Lydia McGrew

    If nothing else, are they not allowed to post their entire playlist on the non-Vevo portion of Youtube, where the 36 videos are now? I don’t see any problems with the surrounding material there–no “featured videos” taken from secular artists. Why are they putting it all on Vevo, specifically? Are the old playlists closed to further additions?

  • Lydia McGrew

    Oops, I take that back. I do see *one* “featured” video on the non-Vevo playlist sidebar. Right now it’s just something to do with basketball, but I suppose it might be something worse. Still, it’s better than the five or six music videos featured in the corner of the Vevo section.

  • John Situmbeko

    Sometimes it is not the artist management that restricts the use of cameras at events, it may be the policy of the building or arena. Professional cameras are usually not allowed to prevent piracy, which is widely practiced with much ease in this digital age. Most concert videos shot by individuals in the audience are posted to youtube without the artist’s permission, which is simply piracy, or theft. I know many know about piracy and do not engage in it, but most people just take it lightly.
    I own a few Gaither videos and I’ve seen the F.B.I Warning which appears right before the program begins. Illegal distribution of the contents is prohibited by law, a large fine of $250000 dollars is required from the culprit. If Gaither were to take legal action on all the culprits, most of them would fail to pay and would be thrown in jail. I think Gaither has done the right thing to demand that those illegally posted videos be removed. Leaving the unofficially posted clips alone would encourage more unofficial posting of clips by individuals, which the artist management does not want to continue. The war against piracy will never end, but if the artist management can do something to at least reduce piracy, they must go ahead and do it.
    I like how Gaither is doing it, he is giving people more and better stuff than the unofficial stuff. The negative side of the Gaither Vevo channel on youtube has been clearly outlined in this post, but there are ways you can reduce the impact, watch the video and enjoy the music, don’t pay attention to the side bar featured videos. Besides youtube, you can watch videos on, there are lots of great videos there. Besides the tv presention videos that are almost 1 hour long, there are video clips featuring various homecoming artists, just click on the artist profile and videos related to the artist will be shown. Other than that you can join the gaither community for free where you can create your own profile, interact with hundreds of fans and homecoming singers, its great, you will definitely not encounter a lady Gaga image there.

  • True, but it can be hard to ignore things like lewd wallpaper. Also, as Lydia has pointed out, watching with kids can be awkward if you’re trying to look for more videos and you’ve got P!nk’s latest obscenity staring you in the face.
    Also, the hour-long previews are only available for a limited time at Gaither before being replaced. And there are a few short clips, but FAR fewer than are on Youtube. If you want to share something specific with a friend, you’re vastly more likely to find it somewhere on Youtube. And not everyone feels like setting up an official account, especially if they’re just learning who these Gaithers are.
    You make a good point that the other uploaders are technically violating copyright. Copyright is a slippery business.

  • John Situmbeko

    Yes, Gaither community has fewer videos than youtube. I joined the site in 2009 and at that time it had more Gaither video clips than youtube. After the site underwent an extreme make-over in 2011, all the contents including the videos and profiles were taken off the site, we had to start all over. What I like most there is that people are free to post personal homemade videos of themselves singing, and they are able to post as many Gaither clips as they can, which may be viewed by anyone with a profile, but as you have said, not everyone feels like setting up an official account especially if they are just learning who the Gaithers are so thats the downside. Since the make over, the number of video clips there has not yet surpassed, the number of youtube Gaither clips. The site has groups, like facebook, you can have friends, like facebook, you can post blog entries, unlike facebook, you can create forums or join discussions in forums, it is a great site. Sorry for sounding like a Gaither employee 🙂

  • You are thinking of the “gstudiosvideo” account. That seems to be mainly promos for upcoming DVD releases.

  • I haven’t complained because I don’t really see it as a major issue. I know I’m not as conservative with some of this stuff as others are though…

  • Lydia McGrew

    Yeah, that’s probably its purpose now, but I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t post their other videos in that playlist as well if it’s a more family-friendly environment for their fans to view on.

  • I’m just glad I took my many videos off YouTube well in advance. Somehow I knew someone was going to start cracking down on this soon.

  • I’m guessing it has to do with money. (Not necessarily from Gaither, could be from EMI like YGG said.)
    I’m 99.9% positive that money is involved between VEVO and the artists/publishing companies. You get money based on how many views the videos get. If there are other channels like the gstudiosvideo one posting clips, it takes traffic away from VEVO.
    Co “could they” post videos on the studio account? Sure. But it likely takes money away from EMI and/or Gaither.

  • Norm

    I’m confused. I Googled Gaither Vevo and got a list of a bunch of videos. When I hit them to watch the only other thing that came up was related artists. All related artists were gospel except for the Oaks and Statlers. There were no links to Lady Gaga or Pink.

  • On my laptop, this link has Gaither wallpaper:
    And this one also has Gaither wallpaper:
    The difference is clicking on a video in the second playlist will bring up all sorts of ads. The two are linked, though. If you go to the second link and click on “by The Official Gaither YouTube Channel,” it takes you to the first link.
    What makes even less sense is that EMI has BLOCKED three of the David Phelps videos on the official Gaither YouTube channel at the first link. What’s that all about?

  • OK…for some weird reason, my comment posted a YouTube link that doesn’t work rather than the link I copied and pasted. Oh well…

  • I saw it. I believe you’re teasing out the distinction others have made between GaitherVevo, which has uploaded thousands of vids, can be accessed here and has secular wallpaper…
    …versus the gstudiosvideo link you gave.

  • Lydia McGrew

    Here’s a funny thought: On Facebook, there are bits of code you can put into your browser that block certain Facebook features on the sidebar. It’s not ad blocking. It’s something else. I forget the name. It blocks things like “Friend suggestions” and “People you may know.” I wonder if someone has figured out something like that you can put into your browser that will block Vevo’s secular suggested videos on the right-hand side. I doubt there’s any way to do that for the wallpaper, but the wallpaper disappears when you click on any particular video or even, I think, when you click on a playlist.

  • Norm, this is the kind of thing we’re referring to. Here’s an example of a video I embedded the other day. When you go to the link, you do get secular ads on the side:

  • Not for me. The wallpaper is still there as long as I’m within that channel. Take as an example the link I gave Norm above.

  • On your blocked videos comment, I can’t seem to see it now, but when I was looking this afternoon the message I got was “this video is not available in your country.”

  • Saved Girl

    I know who you are now! I really missed those videos when you pulled them.

  • Saved Girl

    This is odd, because I tried awhile back to embed one of these VEVO videos and it told me it couldn’t do it. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t let me but it will let you.

  • Yeah there are featured videos on Youtube, but on Vevo it’s worse because they’re featured MUSIC (or “music”) videos.

  • Saved Girl

    The ad blocker on chrome blocks the wallpaper. It would be wonderful if someone could just find a way to block that “VEVO mixed bag” part on the side. It still leaves the problem though that those you might want to share a link with might not have the ad blocker.

  • Saved Girl

    I wonder if the companies can’t have any say about what ads accompany the videos. If they could then maybe they could request more “appropriate” advertising.

  • I don’t know either!

  • Lydia McGrew

    Yeah, I just see black on the sides there.

  • Lydia

    If one has adblock plus, and if one knows enough about HTML (which I don’t), I believe one can use Adblock’s “easy create filter” function to create blocking for a particular element on a page. It’s called CSS blocking. But as you say, a lot of people might not have adblock anyway.

  • Lydia

    Okay, if you have both Ad Block Plus and Chrome, you can get pretty far. I just made the “mixed bag” disappear using Ad blocker. On the one page where the wallpaper appears (which for me, using Chrome, is just when I first bring up the channel but not when watching a particular video), I can’t get it to work for the wallpaper. But the mixed bag is G-O-N-E. Here’s how you do it (and you don’t even have to know HTML). Go to the Gaither Vevo channel. Click on a playlist or video. When that comes up, you’ll see the Vevo mixed bag down on the right, which is secular videos. Click on your red stop sign icon for Adblock Plus. You will see something that says “easy create filter.” Click on that. Ignore the instruction to “close the popup.” Instead, while that EasyCreate Filter box is open, hover your mouse over the “mixed bag.” It should turn a color. For me, the whole “mixed bag” sidebar section turned yellow when I hovered. Right-click. A popup will come up from Adblock Plus that asks you if you want to block those elements. Click “OK” in that, and that part of the page goes white. Beautiful.
    Unfortunately, back where I can see the icky secular wallpaper, I just can’t get it to highlight the wallpaper with a color. I made the whole page disappear once (oops!), but there seems to be no way just to highlight and block the wallpaper behind the rest of the page. Fortunately, for us Chrome users, or at least those of us with both Chrome and Adblock, that wallpaper seems to disappear anyway when we get past the main page of the Vevo channel.

  • Saved Girl

    YAY! Thank you Lydia, it worked. 🙂 It removed all the other more appropriate suggestion as well, but its a small price to pay.

  • Lydia

    Yeah, it looks like it removed all the suggestions for me as well. Oh, well. It may be that if I had a more perfect and precise touch with the highlighting step of the process I could have removed only the Vevo Mixed Bag and not the other suggestions, but it’s not important to me to try to tweak it further.

  • Saved Girl

    I’ll probably ask my tech-y brother if he can find a way to make it more exact and only remove the mixed bag portion.

  • Lydia

    If he finds a way to remove the wallpaper from the earlier screen (when you first bring up the channel), be sure to post it. My problem was that I couldn’t find a way at the highlight step just to highlight the wallpaper portion of the page. It highlighted the whole page, which then, er, disappeared when I completed the process. Fortunately, it can be undone!

  • Brett

    Wow I see the VEVO then it leads me to Will.I.Am and Britney Spears singing their song “Scream & Shout” with using the f bomb and b bomb word left and right. Don’t think I would want to be affiliated with it if I was GaitherVEVo. That horrible video has rappers screaming the F-bom. is under WilliamVevo.

  • Brett

    CLick on the uploaded by GAitherVevo link and it will show you the secular artists for the main GaitherVEVO channel

  • We know, it’s awful. Actually I’d kind of prefer it if you didn’t continue sharing specifics because I just don’t want to touch that stuff with a ten-foot pole here.
    Please have a look at some of the suggestions offered by Lydia about various tactics you can use to block some of this stuff, depending on your browser.

  • Brett

    Thanks YGG it works

  • Brett

    Oops I forgot to say TY to Lydia. Thanks Lydia

  • Angel

    I don’t see any advertisements of secular videos, but then again I have good protection on my computer that blocks anything that’s not of any interest to me.Thanks for small miracles, there are still some things that are in our control..getting good anti virus and block out any unnecessary and unwanted site and ads. The only neg thing that has happened with Gaither Vevo is the block of downloads but that is fine with me..I get to watch them three times on cable even If they’re reruns.

  • Every once in a while Youtube plays a commercial before your desired video plays. Well just now when I opened a video from the GaitherVEVO page, I got a commercial advertising beer.
    This bugs me more than the wallpaper ads because you can’t ignore it by going to fullscreen mode.

  • Do you have adblocking software?