Recently Added: Elijah Aaron

Recently Added: Elijah Aaron April 20, 2013

I first discovered Elijah Aaron through this modestly viral video:
So, after replaying that a few hundred times, I started to wonder “Hey, does this guy write his own stuff too?” Of course he does, and quite wonderful stuff at that. If you like rich neo-folk music with a deft, distinctive vocal touch, rejoice! This guy delivers. As this video alone shows, he’s a fantastic musician and a great singer. But beyond that, he writes poignant, thoughtful lyrics. My two favorites are “A Hundred Years” and “From Where We Came” (even though both of them contain grammatical errors, the rest of the lyrics are so awesome I can forgive them). Check out this powerful ode to the city of Jerusalem as well. (And on top of all that, he also beatboxes. Pretty disgusting.)

I also discovered that he started off as a duo with another guy under the band name The Northwoods. They evoked great duos of the past, but with a fresh spin and unbelievably tight harmonies. It’s too bad they only did one album I can find together (Morning, Noon & Night).  “Elaine” and “Moon Song” are two of my favorites (see a live performance of the latter here).
In the sea of mediocrity that is the contemporary music scene, Elijah Aaron is that rare thing—a true artist. Check out more music, lyrics and pay-what-you-want downloads here. I recommend The Gift of Every Word for starters.
May forever be the days of loving, laughing, living free
May the times that we both share be long and strong with honesty
Though the fear of death may linger as it’s done to all before
We could live and die and meet again for many seasons more 
— “A Hundred Years”
People like to say that everything means nothin’
Man that’s somethin’
How is nothin’
The gift of every word and every thought you ever called your own?
Me I like to say that everything means somethin’
Future’s nothin’
Time keeps comin’
And the places that we go and all the people there are heaven sent
Still it’s tough to keep in mind when you’re workin’ just to pay the rent
— “From Where We Came”
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  • Love it! Thanks for posting … it’s always great to be guided to a good musician I never heard of 🙂
    (that beat box thnig is quite fun by the way 😉 )

  • You’re welcome! Yeah, it’s “sick,” as I believe the young people of today would describe it (young people of today are so strange). 🙂

  • LOL, a pupil of mine told me lately some music was “vague”. I understood it totally wrong … it was a great compliment! Sigh … 😉

  • Lydia

    Wait a minute, “vague” is now a compliment? Wow, I missed that one. What does it mean as a compliment?