My Top Five… Daddy-Daughter Songs

My Top Five… Daddy-Daughter Songs June 17, 2013

In a break from Monday Morning Humor (it shall return!) I’m offering up another top 5 post in honor of Father’s Day. Daddy-daughter songs hold a special place in my heart. There are definitely some great ones out there, although many fail to strike the right balance between sentimentality and substance. (No honorable mentions for you, “Butterfly Kisses.”) Enjoy…

The List

5. “Little Blue,” by Josh Garrels

Josh Garrels is an independent artist, and one of the most distinctive voices I’ve ever heard. It’s like a new flavor of coffee: surprising when it first hits the taste buds, but once you roll it around for a few minutes you really start liking it. At least I do. This little acoustic performance in the forest is my favorite. It helps in understanding the song if you know that his little girl’s name is Heron. (Yes, his wife has a nose piercing. Try to ignore it and enjoy the lovely music.) 4. “How to Say Goodbye,” by Michael W. Smith
Another small gem, accompanied by a beautiful music video. 3. “Father and Daughter,” by Paul Simon
Haunting, pure class. The lyrics are signature Simon, full of surprising, subtly deft touches. “Trust your intuition/It’s just like goin’ fishing…”
[gigya src=”” flashvars=”vurl=4aZq-QGARoE&start=0&end=253&cid=1262771″ allowfullscreen=”true” width=”500″ height=”315″ ] 2. “May I Have This Dance?” by Scott Krippayne
Not one of the best-known daddy-daughter songs out there, and a sadly underrated artist. Yet he and it fully deserve the second spot. 1. Cinderella, by Steven Curtis Chapman
Has there ever been a better father-daughter song, or one more poignantly sealed by tragedy? No further comment required.

Honorable Mentions

“Red Robin,” by Clark Richard (I literally just discovered this one and had to place it just a shade under the top 5. I know nothing else about this artist, but I love this song.)
“Goodnight My Angel,” by Billy Joel
“King of the World,” by Point of Grace
“I Will Walk With You,” by John Fogerty
“Daughters,” by John Mayer (As a singer he makes a great guitar player, but I like this song. I almost embedded this live performance with Brad Paisley, which is brilliant when Brad sings, but decided not to when Mayer started—his stage presence is terrible! Still worth watching for Brad’s verse, but just exit before verse two.)

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